Beauty SOS: 11 On-The-Spot Fixes For Emergencies

A running nose, broken nail and puffy eyes, and a big date or office event to attend—we do understand your frustration. Professional help for styling and makeup and some home remedies can do the trick, but what if you’re out and it’s an emergency? Fret not; we give you quick and easy solutions to 11 common beauty emergencies. Take a look.

Fixes for beauty emergencies

1. Broken Nail
Has your pretty mani got messed up while opening a box? Try this. If your nail is broken and you need to head out, take a small sheet of filter paper from your coffee machine or tea bag and cut it out as per the shape of your nail. Now apply a coat of clear nail paint on your nails and stick the paper on your nails. Paint with a bright colour as usual. This should work for a few hours. Besides, you can always use the rough end of a matchbox to file your nails.

2. Puffy Eyes
Take a cotton or handkerchief, dip it in ice-cold water and apply on your eyes for 60 to 100 seconds. Do this two to three times and you will notice a visible difference.

3. Sleepy Eyes
Use a spoon on your lashes to make them look less droopy and sleepy. Apply a tinge of Vaseline or oil to your lashes, then use a spoon to curl your lashes with your hands. Voila, pretty eyes!

4. Creased Eye Shadow
By the end of the evening, your eye makeup is all but gone and the eyes usually look tired. When eyelids produce too much oil, the eye makeup creases. Give it a quick facelift with this trick. Remove the old eye shadow and eye makeup with a tissue and wipe the area with toilet paper, which will absorb all the oil on your eye. Reapply your makeup now. If case you do not have the touch-up eye shadow, simply use toilet paper on the eyes to remove the oil without affecting your makeup.

5. Red, Cracked Nose
If you’re down with a cold in the monsoon season, you’re bound to get a red nose and cracked skin around that area. Rinse your face with water and apply cooling moisturiser or Vaseline on it and let it settle for a bit. This may not completely undo the redness, but will definitely reduce it.

6. Over Oily T-Zone
It’s the middle of the day and your forehead and nose is shining more than usual. This is because of excess oil. Use toilet paper to dry your face and wash your face with water alone. It should work for the rest of the evening.

7. Lacklustre Face
If your face looks dull, simply bend down from your waist and stay there for a few minutes. The blood will rush down to your face, making it look fresh for a few minutes. Take this chance to splash your face with ice cold water and it will work for a few hours.

8. Frizzy Hair
Too much frizz in this humidity? Use a tinge of moisturiser on the ends of your hair and it will settle down instantly.

9. Greasy Hair
While heading out after a long day, your bangs may often look greasy on your forehead. Use alcohol-based wet wipes on it to make it look fresh and dry instantly.

10. Grey Hair
While you’re always regular in colouring your hair and covering the greys, the roots might show up or an unruly strand may be suddenly visible. Use mascara as a temporary cover-up.

11.  Run Out of Deodorant
Out of deodorant or forgotten your perfume at home? Dry your armpits with toilet paper or tissue, then rub a lemon on them and your neck, and let dry. This acts as a natural deterrent to body odour.

Since these are just temporary solutions, we suggest you don’t try them unless there’s a real emergency. Do you have anything more to add? Give us a shout and we’ll list it.

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