Flavours Of The World With The Wedding Cafe And Lounge

If you love food from across the world, The Wedding Café & Lounge is the place you need to head to. As the name suggests, this restaurant is based on a wedding theme with not just food and drinks at its disposal, but it also helps a couple plan their dream wedding by connecting with the best vendors, wedding trousseau designers and planners, organizing regular workshops and providing friendly advice.


The restaurant is welcoming much before you enter its doors. Potted colourful flowers, lined up at the entrance wish a warm welcome to any passerby. Believing that colour plays an important role in any relationship, the furnishings are peach and white which represent love. The brass spoons, forks and knives add to the delicate beauty of the place. As the place is dimly lit, a yellow lamp is also placed on every table, which adds to the romance in the atmosphere.

This fine wine and dine lounge offers multiple vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from cuisines across the globe. Like most fine dine restaurants, The Wedding Café & Lounge provides separate menu booklets for drinks and food. The best aspect about these menus is that, apart from providing a list of food and drinks they also provide extra information on international destinations and international weddings respectively. The sight of these will make almost anyone want to get married soon. In addition, there is a special menu of the month, which drew our attention.

We ate Baked Zucchini Boat (France) and Prawns with Lemon Grass (India) for starters, A-la-pesto (Italy) for the main course and Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Creams with dripping syrup for dessert. The food is artistically presented, served with a bread basket and is utterly delicious.

As one sips the wine, and takes a bite of the appetizing food, some retro music in the background makes the atmosphere all the more special. However, The Wedding Café and Lounge makes dining memorable not only for persons getting married, but everyone who visits it.

- Suezelle D’Costa and Sonia Khudanpur

Location: Karmaan Hospitality Private Limited, B 104-106, Kotia Nirman, Above Mercedes Showroom, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053

Also see their website here.

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