In Focus: It’s Time To Be A Fancy Pants


Accessories help you enhance your style and let your personality shine through. With this new brand, it’s all about the little details that help you create maximum impact and be a true fancy pants.

Jankee Desai and Stuti DesaiFounders, Jankee Desai and Stuti Desai  believe that we all can develop and nurture our personal sense of style,while wearing all the best trends thanks to the accessories we wear. They say, “Your style can teach you some amazing stuff about yourself. So pick out that jacket even though it’s not what you may typically wear. Add those super trendy heels to your cart – you may find it makes you feel sexier. Trends give you the freedom of trying new things – take advantage of it. Let’s hear your friends say that you’ve transformed into a total Fancy Pants.”

Thanks to their funky chic collection of retro-inspired Windsor glasses, colourful and dainty clutches, gorgeous heels and statement necklaces, we can really add some drama to our style. Their motive is to provide trend-setting accessories at affordable rates to let everyone’s style diva come out. So hang up that classic black evening clutch and nude pumps and instead, opt for a snakeskin bag or a spunky ear cuff. They help you be anything but boring while expressing yourself through your wardrobe, so it’s only natural that we caught up with them for a fun chat about their brand on all things related to fashion.


What made you’ll decide on the name FancyPants?

Stuti came up with the name during one of our brain storming sessions and it just stuck. We wanted to move away from generic fashion related names and come up with something quirky yet relevant.Hence, FancyPants:

adjective: informal
Sophisticated or impressive.
e.g. I love everything she wears. She’s such a FancyPants!


What makes you stand out amongst other accessory brands? (The USP)

Recently there have been several fashion start ups which are coming up with such innovative products and services. As someone who studied entrepreneurship, it’s inspiring to be part of this movement. For us, FancyPants has been about trends from the beginning. Both of us are always pouring over magazines and we’re always excited by trends because they allow you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment again and again. As young, independent women, we love discovering new things about ourselves by trying new styles. Think about it, would you wear crop tops if they weren’t in right now? Probably not.

We want to give every woman a chance to buy the latest trends without breaking the bank so that they can experiment and have more fun than usual! It is empowering for a woman to have that choice to update her look and reinvent herself. So for us, our USP is accessibility.


What are the must-have accessories in any girl’s closet?

Of course there are the classic must-haves. A black evening bag, a pair of nude pumps, a gold link necklace or sapphire stud earnings but at FancyPants we are all about expanding your must-haves to accessories that will challenge what you know about yourself. A pair of sky high snakeskin heels, a ear cuff, a neon bag or a skull studded clutch are all trends you can wear to transform your look and give you the confidence to express yourself with your wardrobe. The most important must-have is an attitude that will never let you get boring.

Which high street brands do you shop at all the time?

Forver21, TopShop, H&M and ASOS

What is your fave fashion movie?

Currently we’re obsessed with “Walking Stories” by Luca Guadagnino for Salvatore Ferragamo. It’s a romantic comedy in eight parts and we can’t wait for the next one to release. It’s shot all over Florence, Hollywood and Shanghai – it’s so good!


Which celebs would you love to see in FancyPants and why?

We’d love to see Deepika Padukone (she makes everything look so good, we’d style her in our illusion dress) , Alia Bhatt (because she is so young, we know she’d love FancyPants) and Monica Dogra (because we’d love to see how she would wear FancyPants).


Tell us a trend you love this season and a trend you hate.

A trend we love is hologram. A little bit of hologram can add so much to our outfit. A trend we hate is over accessorising. Wearing one statement piece and letting it shine is definitely the way we would do it!


An item you love from your collection?

Jankee : I love the laser cut bags because they bring color and drama to the simplest outfits without being too overwhelming.
Stuti : Art Deco earnings because I can wear them at day or at night and they look just as elegant.

Can you give us a tip on walking in heels?

Stuti: The trick is to figure out what kind of heels you can pull off. Jankee and I are very comfortable with stilettos but she sticks to 3-4 inch heels while I am usually wearing 5 or 6 inches. Even with wedges, you have to figure out what height is good for you. So try different lengths and see what works for you – remember if you’re tall, beware of looking lanky with heels.


Tell us a favourite accessory you own.

Jankee : My gold Cartier Bangle.
Stuti : My Chanel J12 watch. 


What is one accessory every girl should own for the day and one for the night?

For the day, a good pair of sunglasses are essential. John Lennon sunglasses are really in right now so we love those! For the night, a monochrome snakeskin clutch works beautifully and sets you apart from all the plain black clutches.


A word of advice to aspiring designers?

We think sticking to your area of expertise versus following the general trend is the way to go. If you’re good at something, stick to it and you’ll find a niche audience that’ll be loyal to you.


Our fave products from FancyPants: 


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