Did You Know That You Should Eat Food According To Your Blood Group?

There’s a diet for your blood type? Yes, it’s true! The blood type diet was first introduced back in 1997 by Peter J D’Adamo in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type, which determines that chemical reactions occur between the foods you eat and your blood. Your blood type regulates your metabolism and health, hence what may be beneficial to one may not be to the other. And by following a good blood type diet plan, you can reduce the chances of diseases, maintain your health and feel your best. We give you a food guide for your blood type which will help you look fit from the outside and feel good from the inside.

blood type diet

Universal donors, as O+ people are called, can donate blood to people with A+, B+, AB+ and O+ blood groups and receive blood from O+ and O- blood types. O+ blood types are often productive, powerful, energetic and impulsive.
O negatives, also known as universal donors, can donate blood to all the others but can only receive from a fellow O-. People with this blood type are born leaders, trendsetters and innovators.
You Should Eat: A high-protein diet and do intense exercises. Dark green vegetables should be consumed as it contains Vitamin K, which is required to prevent blood clotting, which you may be prone to. Among the meats, you should eat fish and poultry as they are rich in proteins. Olive oil, small amounts of rice, bananas, carrots, wine and green tea are good for O+ types, while herbal tea is healthy for O negatives.
You Should Avoid: A high-carbohydrate diet. Although you’re advised to eat meat, excessive fat meats like beef should not be eaten. Cabbage, mustard green, brussels sprouts and cauliflower are not recommended as they inhibit thyroid hormone and cause metabolic problems.

blood type food diet

About 32.5 percent of the population is A+, making it the most common blood type. People with this blood group can donate blood to A+ and AB+ blood types, and can receive blood from O-, O+, A- and A+ blood type. A person with A+ blood group is said to be honest, artistic, shy, sensitive and a perfectionist.
You Should Eat: A vegetarian diet with fresh green vegetables, legumes and whole grains as it provides minerals and antioxidants that help you fight heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Tofu should be a staple in your diet as it is an important protein component.
You Should Avoid: Carbs, dairy products, kidney beans, wheat, lima beans and meat, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. For a stress-free life, steer clear of processed, greasy and junk food.

Only 6 percent of the world’s population has this blood group, hence it is rare yet very powerful. A person with A negative blood can donate blood to A+, A-, AB+ and AB-, and can receive blood from A- and O-. A- blood types are often said to be open, outgoing, calm and professional.
You Should Eat: Cereal, whole grains and fresh vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, spinach as they can protect you from blood-related diseases. Seafood can be consumed, but in small portions.
You Should Avoid: Meat, beef, pork, lamb and dairy products as they are not easily digestible for you. You should also stay away from cashews, kidney and lima beans and pistachios, as they can slow down your metabolism. Fruits such as bananas and oranges and foods like potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes are also not recommended as they have an adverse effect on your digestive tract.

blood type food diet

B+ blood types can donate blood to B+ and AB+ blood group and receive blood from B+, B-, O+ and O- blood types. B positives are goal-oriented, strong and good learners.
You Should Eat: All types of green leafy vegetables that are rich in minerals such as broccoli and cabbage as they’ll help fight viruses. Dairy products are highly recommended for you as they are easily digested because of a similar antigen present in your blood.
You Should Avoid: Corn, lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds and wheat as they can cause weight gain. Chicken should be avoided as it contains agglutinating lectin, which leads to strokes and immune disorders.

B negatives can donate to B-, B+, AB- and AB+ blood groups and receive from B- and O- blood types. Such people are strong, stubborn and fight for what they believe in.
You Should Eat: Animal and vegetable carbohydrate and protein as you have a tolerant digestive system. Broccoli’s antioxidants help to improve your immune system and cabbage provides you with the much-needed vitamin C. Green, red and yellow peppers are also recommended as they are full of disease-fighting properties.
You Should Avoid: Pork, shellfish and chicken as they contain an agglutinating lectin that can disrupt your system. Tomatoes should be strictly avoided as it contains lectins that can irritate the stomach lining. Ketchup, cinnamon, corn syrup and pepper are particularly bad for you as they become stomach irritants.

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Roughly, only 4 percent of the worldwide population has AB+ blood group. This type can donate blood to people with AB+ blood group only but can receive blood from all types. A person with an AB+ blood type is honest, outgoing, confident and hard to judge.
You Should Eat: Fructose and starch-rich foods, especially grains, to fuel your exercise requirement for you to maintain your stress levels. Tomatoes work the best for this blood type as they do not have any ill-effects on AB blood types.
You Should Avoid: Meat as it cannot metabolise easily. Also, eat small meals at frequent intervals. Apart from this, intense exercises are recommended to maintain stress levels.

About 6 percent of the population has this blood type. Such people can donate blood to AB- and AB+ individuals and receive from A-, B-, AB- and O- blood types. Personality traits for AB negatives include trustworthy, confident, shy and confused.
You Should Eat: Fruits, vegetables, legumes and olive oil as they provide healthy fats. For a good source of protein, nuts and seeds should be consumed but in small quantities as they may not be digested easily.
You Should Avoid: Beef, pork and chicken as you do not have enough stomach acid for digesting animal protein. Vegetables like corn, mushrooms, sprouts and fruits like bananas and guava are also not recommended since you may have a weaker immune system.

Disclaimer: Please consult a nutritionist before following any diet strictly.

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