Foodesto: Hunt For The Blue Cheese

We termed it as our cheesy hunt. Scanning the city for the past couple of days for that block of blue cheese led us to explore A fairly new website, this one surprisingly has a wide variety of gourmet cheese from across the world; there’s gouda, provolone, edam cheese, feta, manchego, mozzarella and parmesan (sadly, raclette doesn’t make an appearance on the list).

And it’s not just about gourmet cheese. This online store (currently operational in Mumbai) has an impressive list of organic and gourmet food and food-related products from across the country and the world. A fine food solution, Foodesto also has pasta jars, bowls, dishes, platters, cake stands, trays and a tea stand on the website.

Here’s what you can get hold of at this online store- cold cuts, chocolates and confectionery, dips, dressings, spreads, dried fruits, nuts, oils, herbs and spices, pastas, packaged fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, biscuits, yogurt, pancakes, pickles and chutneys, beverages and more (yes, there is more).

The website has over 1,500 products from 130 international and Indian brands. They have tied up with Fabindia, Down to Earth, 24 Letter Mantra, Nourish Organics and Conscious Foods, Moshe’s and Sante’s Delicatessen. So you can expect the cheese and cold cuts from Sante Delicatessen, Bandra home delivered to you. There are also lactose-free and gluten-free products.

Shop for products by category, brands or cuisine. They deliver daily in Mumbai except on Sundays and holidays. Free shipping for orders above Rs. 1,000. Orders can be placed on a call between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Call 022 67989876. Check their website here.

- Esha Chanda

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