That Time Of The Month? 6 Foods To Reduce Bloating

Alright, you know you’re supposed to stay away from sugary and salty treats, but come on. We all need comfort food once in a while. And when you indulge, you wake up the next day feeling bloated—even more so when it’s that time of the month. We list down six natural items that will help reduce your bloating and zip up those skinny jeans with ease.

foods that reduce bloating

1. Bananas & Oranges
Is your pencil skirt looking off around the tummy? Then have a banana or a few oranges (whole, not juice). These potassium-rich fruits will create a sodium-potassium balance in your body, making you feel less water retentive.

2. Pineapple & Papaya
Often, artificial sugar and processed foods get stored in your stomach for a while before they are fully digested. The enzymes in papayas and pineapples help accelerate your digestion, making you feel fit and light.

3. Watermelon
Yes, we know about your fling last night with chips and red velvet cake. But it’s morning now and time to detox with water-rich watermelon to flush out your toxins and reduce the bloating.

4. Berries
Have a cupful of berries the day after you’ve binged on that ice cream cake and you’ll see the difference soon enough. Berries are packed with nutrients and fibre that help clear your system and reduce period pain.

5. Yoghurt
The probiotic properties of yoghurt help combat bloating and indigestion. Opt for homemade or additive-free ones.

6. Water With Lemon
Finally, water is the main solutions for most beauty and health problems. When feeling bloated, squeeze half a lime into a glass of water and sip it. Bloating usually occurs due to dehydration and water will help reduce that, while the lemon will act as a gentle laxative for your system.

Go ahead girl, look your best even when aunt flo’s troubling you. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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