Footloose & Fancy: The Best Rain Shoes To Wear This Monsoon

Let’s face it, half the reason we hate the rains is the pair of washed-out feet we drag back home with us. The only rain shoes we have to put our faith in are a pair of rubber slippers or plastic ones that don’t stop the water from straining through the toes. But let’s say to heck with those icky feelings and find us some rain shoes that do all the right things when the weather is throwing the kitchen sink at us. The challenge is to still keep things as stylish, so you can show off your bright and happy feet on a grey and gloomy day.

From boots to hardworking ballerina flats, here’s a list of some awesome rain shoes we’ve dug out to keep your feet hugged and warm.

1. Elfin Booties
Ditch the knee-knocking gumboots for some ankle-high booties instead. You don’t have to tug these numbers up, plus the laces make them oh-so-chic to have on your leggings or a pair of daily denims. What make them different from the regular combat boots you’re used to sporting are their slender, almost-pointy toes.


2. A Touch Of Transparency
Another must-have is a pair of rain shoes that have a see-through element or, as some call it, the jelly shoe. The best part about them is that they look seamless, with just a thin film over nude skin. A sprinkle of detailing or a touch of colour makes the transparent trend a real riot.


3. Light Loafers
Rubber loafers are a great idea if you hate the fuss and love the freedom. They’re also a major step-up from those clunky clogs you have in your shoe cupboard. Sport them on shopping trips with the girls when you need to dash in and out of the car.


4. Be A Sport
Bringing back your sporty rain shoes is a no-brainer in the monsoons. You can’t help but feel comfortable navigating the wet streets in a pair of your trusty tie-ups. We recommend going for sneakers, especially now, with the countless styles they have out there to choose from.


5. Go Galoshes
Rain or shine, you’re still going to have to bring your pumps out at some time in the season. What’s been catching the high waves off late are the innovations of galoshes or waterproof cover-ups for your non-rain shoes. Just slip them over your plain black pumps, or morph them into your stilettos and, voila, you have the same sexy heal-to-toe incline, but under the sleekest of cover-ups.


Like what you see? Tell us which ones you’re going to sport!

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