For A Crazy, Colourful, Paper-Quilled You

We all loved the arts and crafts when we were kids, didn’t we? Maybe because it let us do something else instead of study! But Aparna Saboo and Shripriya Saboo went one step ahead of us, and developed their passion for the craft to give us these absolutely wonderful items, all dolled up with quilled paper. Sheer monotony of their working life challenged the sisters to go back to their roots and fetch some paper and glue, while adding a whole lot of colour and charisma to their lives and that of the others!
Thus, The Sisters Gallery was formed, where right from buying the basics, to handcrafting and packaging the finished product, is done by the sisters themselves. Because there is no limit to what you can create with paper quilling, brainstorming is the key to having a plan in place. November 2012 was when they kickstarted their endeavour.
From home decor items such as tea-light holders, photo frames, key chains and envelopes, they also have a range of personal accessories such as earrings, pendants, hair accessories and fancy paper bags.
Talking about her favourite part of the business, Aparna says that customization would be it. This gives them a chance to create something that would be unique towards the owners and incorporate their likes. Creating something from scratch leads to a blissful feeling of contentedness, and Aparna agrees. She says that making these goods, shaping paper with a needle, it is magical how the end result ends up being so beautiful.
At pocket-friendly prices, you can book their products via their Facebook page. Giving you the liberty of having it delivered across India or picked up personally, COD and online money transfers are the options that the sisters most prefer.
You can also get in touch with them via their email address – Bulk orders for Diwali, Christmas, baby showers, marriages and other things like are accepted as it only gives the sisters a chance to work more and push their creative belt further.
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