For Not All Who Wander Are Lost

From the unseen villages of rural UP to the picturesque landscapes in Ladakh, the mother-daughter duo of Sudha and Vasudha Madhavan explore places and cultures of the country and the world.
The Piramal Art Gallery will hold an exhibition, Traveler’s Eye from 1st March, 2012 to showcase the beauty captured in the camera lens. A banker by profession, Vasudha Madhavan took to photography a decade ago and has shot extensively in Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Kerala, Ladakh and Rajasthan. She has also travelled abroad to cover places like Paris, Rome, Geneva, Phuket and Singapore. With the passion to travel and a camera to capture the magnificence of nature, she has wandered to places that are little-known.
Sudha Madhavan is a freelance journalist and her collection showcases select painting from 2006 to 2011. Her paintings brings to life the communities that city dwellers are oblivious to.
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