Forgotten Letters Necklace Silver Sold Out

Forgotten Letters Necklace Silver

Price: Rs. 4500
Parade your love for the written word with this Forgotten letters necklace. When it comes to designing; materials are immaterial to Purvi Sanghvi of TheOther Side. When the curtains fell on her family business of manufacturingstationery; she started designing jewellery using waste materials like brokenfountain pen nibs; rubber among others. This unique necklace is her effort tosave a bit of her legacy.Be nice to your jewellery clean it with a soft dry cloth; never usechemicals or detergents. Once youre done showing it off; store it in a clean;dry place.Bent fountain pen steel nibs strung along red glass beads and hand rolled clay beadsWith engraved hook and eye closure in silverLength 18; Width 1.5 inches

Color Multi Colour
Occasion Party, Evening
Look Stylish, Elegant