Frame It With Photo Caddy

Click, click. This one’s for all the shutterbugs. Photo Caddy, a platform that was recently launched, has dedicated its future living days to photography. It gives enthusiasts access to workshops, live projects, video tutorials and reading material on the subject, get their work critiqued and more. A portal for photographers and on everything related to the art of photography, will engage photographers in experiential workshops that will cover specific modules and long term collaborative live projects.
The website that will officially launch in October, 2012 has been started by Sunil Thakkar and Gayatri Sarang because of the lack of options available in India to learn photography. Currently, Photo Caddy has 3 workshops lined up for October. Explore new territories and learn to read, understand and build images with Thinking Photography by Andrea Fernandes and Philippe. Photographers also get a chance to be mentored by Aprana Jayakumar through an entire project that will include selecting a topic, conducting research, planning their shoots, making edits and more. And if you have just acquired a DSLR, then Sahil Mane will help you learn the art and science of taking good photographs and to understand the camera better.
Photo Caddy also has a photography contest underway on their website where the topic is juxtaposition – the art of placing two ideas or objects side by side in a single frame with the purpose of highlighting their similarities or differences. The last date of registration is 30th September, 2012 and the winner will get a cash prize of Rs. 20,000.
To register for the workshops, drop them an e-mail on or call Sunil on 9619622339 or Gayatri on 9819807704 between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm.
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