Fratelli Fresh; An Interactive Kitchen and An Italian Sunday Brunch


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If you were under the impression that Italian cuisine was bland, and was only about pastas and pizzas, you certainly need to re-consider your thought.  Or perhaps you could visit Fratelli Fresh & Wine Bar at The Renaissance Hotel to savor a wide range of authentic Italian food. Believe me; this place takes you to another world with its ambience. Every wall is stuffed with bottles of wine and champagne. In addition, you cannot miss the view of the Powai Lake from the restaurant.

I was at this Italian restaurant for the Sunday brunch and my senses were tantalized as soon as I strolled in. The buffet was laid in opposition to our eating style. First came the chocolate station, followed by the dessert counter, then the hot kitchen table, the cold section with cold cuts and cheese, the bread section and the salad bar at the end.

Choosing the content of your plate is a dilemma as there is an extremely wide variety. While some dishes had a description tag, some didn’t, and that made selection slightly difficult. As I took to my table, I was served champagne that was undoubtedly mellow. Without wasting much time, I kick started my brunch with tasteful salads, followed by appetizers like cold cuts, squids, eggplant, roasted mushroom, grilled fennel and lots more. From the cold section it was time to migrate to the hot kitchen.

The most tempting in the hot kitchen was sea food and meat. The real Goan in me was all excited! While I placed the order for grilled lobster, seabass and salmon, I decided to try out roasted pork, lamb and chicken. The meat was heavenly, and the grilled seafood was nothing less.

The unique characteristic of this brunch is the Italian cuisine itself and the open interactive kitchen. It’s not all about eating. Anyone can choose to take a break from their delectable meal to cook a few Italian classics by taking an impromptu cooking class under the expert Chefs’ guidance. The plus point about Italian cuisine is that you get the actual taste of a particular meat or fish as they are blanched. The cuisine is certainly savory.

How could an Italian meal be concluded without pastas and pizzas? So yes, I tasted the chicken & cream and the arabiatta. While the former was delicious, the latter was brackish. After sipping the strongly aromatic white wine, it was time for chocolate and dessert. I was confused between the truffle cookie, chocolate chip cookies and the cream cheese. They were all dulcet. The dessert counter had 21 dishes to choose from –  I tried Budino Cremoso, which is an Italian cream caramel, and I was satisfied.

Fratelli Fresh & Wine Bar has so much happening that you hardly get a chance to gaze at the lake. The faint music in the background complements the hustle bustle of the restaurant thus leading to a divine Sunday brunch.

- Suezelle D’Costa

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