7 Free Photo Apps You MUST Download Right Away

So your new iPhone 5s or Samsung S5 (or whichever super fancy new phone you have just bought) has a kickass camera, and you’ve turned into quite the shutterbug! To enhance all those pictures you’re taking, we’ve done some digging and found seven free photo apps that you should download right away. Trust us, they’re very addictive, and will breath life into your Instagram feed. (Yes, we know you’re Insta-happy!)

1. Pics Art
Use it for: Adding effects and creating photo collages
This free photo app is awesome, and almost everyone on the InOnIt Team is using it! If you’re a seasoned Instagram-er and bored with the effect options that Insta provides, we’re sure you’ll love playing with this one. In addition to allowing you to choose from cool effects like Blur, Paper and Distort (each of these has many options you can experiment with), this app also allows you to make photo collages—you can pick different types. It allows you to vary the sizes of your frames, choose the number of images in a grid, etc. Very flexible. We love!

pics art free photo apps

2. MomentCam
Use it for: Creating graphic self-portraits
We’ve been using this app to create cute sketches and cartoon images of ourselves. (It makes for a fun display pic, too.) You can upload an existing image or just use the app to click a selfie and then try the different moods, expressions and hairstyles.

Moment Cam Free Photo AppOur Super-Cool Graphic Design Duo: Diana and Jasmine

3. Lomo Camera
Use it for: Effects like those from a Lomographic camera
Serious Lomography fanatics will consider this cheating, but it’s nice to have especially since you can’t carry your real Lomo Camera everywhere. Many of the effects are for free, but if you want to have some more fun, the Lomo Camera Pro can be downloaded for Rs 243. Now, that’s budget friendly!

PS: If you do love these effects, then go ahead and invest in a real Lomography Camera. After all, part of the fun is the fact that you have to push your creative limits with an analogue camera.

lomo cam app free photo apps

4. Perfect365
Use it for: 
Perfecting your makeup without touching your face
For all those who thought (and prayed) that it was a passing phase, we have news. It appears that the #selfie is here to stay. So you’re all set to take that selfie but you forgot to carry your favorite lipstick, and your eyes would look so much bigger if you’d just bothered to wear some mascara. Fret not! You can let go of our makeup pouch. Use the app to touch up your photo to get that perfect makeup look before you share it with your friends.

perfect365Our lovely merchandiser, Karishma, uses the Perfect365 App to add some makeup to her selfie

5. Pixlr-o-matic
Use it for: 
Playing with lights and different types of frames
This one is really addictive, especially its light feature, which allows you to play with lots of different moods. We also liked the many options for framing the image, more than most of the photo apps, including some really creative ones.

Pixlromatic free photo app for ios and androidFrom left to right: Original photograph, photograph with light effect, photograph with light effect + dirt frame

6. Snapseed
Use it for: Editing images
From tuning every aspect of an image (brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc) to adding effects and frames, this app allows you to really enjoy editing. For example, you can pick any centre point for an image, then blur the sides around it in a tilted manner. And you can even pick the angle of the tilted blur based on your preference. Not really following me? Try it for yourself!

Snapseed free photo appPicture from Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh: The tilted blur has been used on this image to focus on only the youth clad in yellow and slowly blur the rest of the background

7. FotoRus
Use it for:  Creating your own photo collage or scrapbook
Although it has the collage and editing features that many of the photo apps mentioned above also provide, we’d use this one for creating our very own InstaMag. Just went on an exotic holiday or a nostalgic trip to your roots? Pick your favorite images and set them up in the format of a beautiful magazine, wall photos or postcards.

Foto R Us Free Photo AppAn InOnIt team member’s travel diary

Are there any more photo apps you love? Drop in your comments or tweet to us.

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