Six Little Known Fun Facts About Christmas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals worldwide and while you are wrapping gifts and busy preparing feast for the family and friends, we bring you six fun facts about this wonderful festival.

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1. Christmas Day: Actually the Holy Bible never mentioned the birthday of Jesus as 25th December. Huh? Then why this date? It was in the 4th century that the Catholic Church decided that this date would be the official one to recognize the birth of Jesus and be given a holiday. Pope Julius chose December 25th for the feast of Nativity.


2. Dear Santa: Did you know that every year North Pole, Alaska get thousands of letters from children from all over the world? Volunteers make it a point to write back to all of them. Well, that’s a whole lot of hard work!

3. Tannenbaum (the Christmas tree): We love to decorate the Christmas tree to our hearts content, don’t we? Did you know when it all started? It was in the 16th century when the Christians were credited for bringing the tree home and getting it decorated. It was Martin Luther who initiated the tradition of including candles, stars and other shining decorations to the tree and since then it’s been happily followed.

Fun facts about Christmas - Christmas tree

4. The X factor: The popular abbreviation for Christmas, the X in the X-Mas represents the greek letter Chi or the first letter of Christ. This was made popular by the European Christians in the 16th century and was made the symbolic abbreviation for Christ.

5. St Nickolas aka Santa: Very popularly known as Santa Claus, he was actually born in Turkey (we bet you thought it was the North Pole!). He was a bachelor until late 19th century and the reindeer that pull his sleigh were all females.


6. The truth about candy canes: Apparently, these candies are not just colorful fun sweets, they were invented in the year 1670 by a German choirmaster to keep children from talking. Even the colors white and red were intentionally used as white symbolizes purity and red for sacrifice. Hence, the peppermint candy stick is a form of religious emblem.

Hope all you Christmas enthusiasts have enjoyed learning these little known fun facts about Chirstmas. If you have some interesting facts that we should know, do share with us below or tweet to us @get_inonit.

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