Know Better, Smell Better: 10 Fun Facts About Perfumes

We know you never really step out of the house without your signature fragrance to keep you smelling lovely all day. But did you know what exactly your perfume is made of? When did the trend of wearing perfume start? Well, we tell you all the fun facts you need to know about your favourite spray.

Fun Facts About Perfumes1. Perfume Literally Means Travel Through Air
The Latin word ‘per fume’, which means ‘through smoke’ is the origin of the word perfume. Earlier, fragrances were incense-based and used for the room as well as the body, so they eventually evolved from their Latin name.

2. Go To Grasse For The Roots Of Perfume
The town of Grasse, in France, was the birthplace of modern, bottled perfume. Even today, it is the centre for perfume trade in Europe. Napoleon and Josephine indulged in perfume and helped Grasse and the fragrance industry grow.

3. You Can Study At Perfume School
International Flavors & Fragrances Perfumery School offers courses to become a connoisseur of fragrances, which means you can develop your nose to test perfumes. But it will take you between five and seven years to hone the craft. You can even work with various top perfume brands for creating new fragrances, along with establishing your own business.

4. Coco Chanel: Our Inspiration
Coco Chanel was the first designer to create her own signature smell—N 5. Oh, and how we love it!

5. Your Perfume Has Whale Vomit
Most perfumes contain ambergris, which is indeed whale vomit—it gets washed up on the shore and has a great fragrance and lingers long after it has been applied. In fact, all the animal ingredients such as civet (extracted from cat feces), musk and castoreum (from genitelia of beavers) in perfumes tend to highlight our body’s natural smells, making us more appealing and alluring to the opposite sex.

6. Same Perfume, Different Smells
If you notice carefully, the same perfume can smell different for different people. This is because your body oils mix with the spray and push certain notes higher or lower than the others, thus changing the overall smell.

7. You May Not Be Able To Smell Your Perfume
Your nose is quite adjusting, so you can get used to almost any smell. If you apply your perfume every day, you may not be able to smell it prominently. However, this does not mean others can’t—so remember this before you give yourself an extra spray.

8. You’re Applying Perfume Wrong
Popular notion is that you should apply perfume at your pulse points. While this is good, it’s not enough. You also need to apply it on your clothing and hair. Clothes preserve the scent while hair oils help protect the scent longer than skin oils. Rubbing your wrist or fingers on your neck while applying perfume can actually crush the ingredients of the perfume and make them evaporate faster.

9. Get Meat- And Pizza-Flavoured Perfumes
Did you know that there are some really strange fragrances out there; from lobster to bacon, semen and even sweat. Ugh, wonder how these work!


L to R:  Semen and sweat (available in the US at Henri Bendel department store in NYC), Lobster and Bacon perfumes

10. Change Your Mood With Perfume
Researchers have proved that perfume can actually change a woman’s moods. There is a strong link between scents and our emotions, so an uplifting scent can actually put you in a better frame of mind.

Apply your perfume well and smell great all day. Do share if you have fun trivia about perfumes.

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