Some Priceless Moments At The Oscars 2014

When Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscar awards, it means you are in a for a serious dose of humor and satire. There have been many memorable moments right from the sentimental speech given by Lupita Nyong’o after her much anticipated win to Leonardo DiCaprio’s loss to Mathew Macconaughey for Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club. We all saw this, didn’t we? But here are moments you may have missed, which we just had to share!

JLaw’s fall. Oops,she did it again!

Jennifer Lawrence falls oscars

Last year she tripped while taking her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook. Looks like this is becoming her thing. Ellen did tease her about it (how could she not?). “If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar.”

Pizza’s being ordered.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Munching on a Pizza at Oscars 2014

Pizza Delivery Guy with Ellen Degeners at Oscars 2014

DeGeneres teased everyone that she’d be ordering pizza’s for those who are hungry and an hour or so later she did get pizza’s delivered by a real pizza guy! The pizza was chowed down by Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and others.


These guys were going completely berserk and were seen photo bombing each others pictures on the big night. Right from Jared Leto to Jennifer Garner, nobody was spared.


Jared Leto , seen him somewhere.

Jared Leto and Jesus Christ Similar Looks

Oh yes, I recall now! He truly is a blessed child.

The tweet that broke all records

I had to keep the best for the last. Ellen hoped that this impromptu selfie at the Oscar should get the highest retweets and it did. It broke the record of Obama’s tweet!

Ellen Degeneres and the Hollywood Brigade in a Selfie Pic at Oscars 2014

And …that’s a wrap!

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