The Funniest Desi Guys on Twitter: LOL Now. Thank Us Later!

Are you one of those many, many women who ranks “a sense of humour” as the most appealing quality any man can have? Then you’re definitely going to love us! We’re bringing to you…*drumroll*…the funniest desi boys on twitter. We’re talking about men who wow us with their wit, and can do it in less than 140 characters! These guys keep us smiling inadvertently and sometimes simply laughing out loud as we go down our twitter feed.

Funniest guys on twitter

1) Suprateek Chatterjee

This cinema critic engages you with his cerebral debates on Imtiaz Ali’s romance and Sunny Leone’s assets. It is easy to befriend this charming musician whose easy conversations and Mithun-like dance moves are the talk of the town.

Our Tweet Pick: We asked 20 strangers to make out with each other. In India, they called it ’10 arranged marriages’.

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2) Sahil Rizwan

His infamous stick figure comedy - The Vigil Idiot is the real reason we now eagerly look forward to bad Bollywood movies every Friday. This Bangalore boy is no idiot with the ladies and loves pop culture (extra brownie points!).

Our Tweet Pick: Jai Ho drinking game – Take a shot every time a new character is introduced & you go “Hain, this actor is still working?” #DrunkIn10Minutes

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3) Banna

Sunny Deol is his God ( that’s what he implies!)  and his hilarious sly tweets on Twitter’s daily happenings are truly why we recommend this fella. This suave Mumbai gentleman has a sensitive side making him a hit with the ladies.

Our Tweet Pick: “Ek Bisleri ki bottle do.” | “Kaunsi?” | “Aquafina.”

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4) Varun Thakur

India shining has to attribute much of its success to the now viral Gore Gote video. Stand up comedian Varun Thakur wins our hearts with hilarious tweets and this actor makes sure he never disappoints us by putting up really cute display pictures.

Our Tweet Pick: Cigarettes now cost 180 bucks a pack. Getting cancer has become more expensive than curing it.

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