Gaia Brush Small Sold Out

Gaia Brush Small

Brand: DIVO
Price: Rs. 450
Gaia brush SmallThe Gaia large brush is ideal for home styling. It is the combination of both;natural and man made bristles that forms the most perfect instrument;functionally and aesthetically. The natural bristles allow for the evendistribution of natural hair oils while the nylong bristles provide bettercontrol and styling. Made from premium qulaity materials; this brush prodvidesthe ultmate care for your hair. The ergonomic design and pneumatic padsfacilitates comfortable movement while brushing. Its the choice of those whovalue quality; comfort and style Ensure that the brush is rinsed monthly with gentle soap and water. Alwaysmake sure to dry the brush with soft cloth.Plastic handle; plastic body with pneumatic pad cushioning & natural bristlesLength 7; Width 2.25 inches