Gamini Rusty Beauty Matka Silk Saree Sold Out

Gamini Rusty Beauty Matka Silk Saree

Brand: Gamini
Price: Rs. 1099
This rusty beauty matka silk saree is one of those pieces which start conversations anywhere you go! There is something completely fresh about the solid coloured body and the broad geometric border against it which is rich and vibrant in shades. The pallu is special in every way with a combination of paisley and geometric patterns in vivid hues. This saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece. All you need is an arm of wooden statement bangles to do justice to this saree. Did you know that In ancient India, although women wore sarees that bared the midriff, for some time in ancient times the navel exposure became a taboo and the navel was concealed.

Material Silk