Gaurav Gupta On His Debut at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014

Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 is right round the corner but fashionistas just can’t wait. The ladies are anxiously taking appointments for the long impending spa and mani-pedis.

The religious followers would know this season marks the debut of Gaurav Gupta in collaboration with UK based jewelry designer Mawi Keivom.  For those of us who need that extra dose of couture fashion, here’s globally acclaimed Gaurav Gupta in an exclusive rendezvous with InOnIt.

Gaurav Gupta Fashion Designer

1) This is your debut show at Lakme Fashion Week. What finally made you to participate this year?

I wanted to do an exciting show and have known Mawi for years. She was debuting at Lakme and asked me if I would do the show, where she would do the jewelry and I will do the clothes and I thought the idea was very exciting. Also I love collaborations and the coming together of creative brains.

 2) As an artist, how do you relate to her?

mawi fashion designer

Mawi is aesthetic, kind of future primitive and I really relate to that sensibility a lot where there is a mix of Victorian couture like jewelry mixing with Gothic futuristic.

3) What is your collection about? Which silhouettes should we expect to see?

My collection is Egyptian futuristic. We will see jumpsuits, dresses, saree gowns and we will see a play of volume and extreme sexiness as well.

4) How would you describe the ideal Gaurav Gupta woman?

The GG woman is a thinking woman and above all is Eager.

5) Your designs have been worn globally, which actress do you think carried it off most perfectly?

Skylar Grey in A Dress Made by Fashion Designer Gaurav Gupta

Skylar Grey in Gaurav Gupta

I think Deepika was stunning at the film fare recently and I really liked Skylar Grey at the Grammys and well we all know Lady Victoria Hervey caused quite a global stir.

6) Which trends have you incorporated in your spring/summer collection?

I’m showing my autumn-winter collection, even though Lakme is showing spring-summer because I follow seasons like that and I don’t believe in trends.

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