Get Blissfully Stranded in Havelock Island

A day in paradise would look something like this: Crystal clear waters, sunlight shining through blue skies and exotic species of various kinds floating around like little angels. A night in paradise, something like this: Ivory sea lit by the moonlight in the night sky and the sound of waves that take you to a world of its own. A world, where peace and quiet are spread in abundance.
Now imagine going on a trip to this kind of paradise. Intrigued? 
Wild Escapes will organize a 6 nights and 7 days trip for you, where you will get to explore the beauty of Port Blair and the picturesque serenity of Havelock island in Andaman and Nicobar. 
A leisurely getaway, this trip will include activities like trekking, scuba diving and snorkeling that will nudge your addiction to the water. Sunbathing in beaches surrounded by coconut palm trees, basking in the glory of the morning sun, getting awed by the exotic marine life, visiting museums and zoos, and shopping will make this journey a memory worth keeping forever. 
You can book any dates of your choice for this trip that costs Rs. 19,200 per person. 
For more details, you can call on 022 66635228 or click here to view the entire itinerary.
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