Get Customized Shirts With Bombay Shirt Company

This one’s for all our male readers. Haven’t there been countless times when you’ve gone shopping and decided that you like the cuffs of a shirt, the collar of another and the fabric of a third? Haven’t you then proceeded to be completely dismal about the fact that while women’s fashion seems to be going places, men’s fashion is still stuck in the rut established in the caveman ages? Well, we let you be dismal no more.
We give you Bombay Shirt Company. Founded and run by Alex and Akshay, two friends who studied together in business school, their passion to dress uniquely than other men drove them to launch this gem of an idea. Completely against pulling the plug on men’s creatively fashionable juices, they let you have your cake and eat it too. In translation, it means that you can now decide the exact fabric, collar, cuff, pocket, buttons, pleats, plackets of your shirt and wear it too! And if this doesn’t get you wanting for more, here’s another fun fact: you can also get your shirt monogrammed with your initials a la the noble class. The shirt of your dreams will then be delivered at your doorstep. And if you are a sceptical Mumbaikar, you can avail of their facility called the travelling tailors. Set up an appointment at your home or office and these guys will reach there, armed with their arsenal of fabrics, measure you up and help you with customizations too.
Visit their website by clicking here to know more about them. You can also write to them at and share your contact details if need be, they promise to get in touch with you at the earliest. You can also write to them at for any other information.
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