Get Draped in a James Ferreira at Cypress

GET: James Ferreira’s new collection at Cypress

IN: Cypress, Windward Apartments, Plot No 327, 21st Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

ON: Now

IT: is a range James Ferreira’s classic fashion garments

About the designer: With a career that has spanned three decades, James’s style encompasses the neoclassic, fresh and contemporary. Instantaneously recognizable from his flowing garments that evolve from a weave, to a drape, to a cut; the end result being a timeless silhouette from one single piece of cloth.

James is a rare designer who begins his design process by draping on a mannequin to perfect form and flow, even before the first pattern is made. His designs capture the movement of the drape, and epitomize simplicity, femininity, and sensuality. [flickrslideshow acct_name="56583584@N05" id="72157626378425970"]

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