Get Footsie: Your Monsoon-Ready Guide For Happy, Shiny Feet

Ladies, we know how you love the romantic monsoon weather, but hate the muck on your feet when travelling. That’s not all, there’s shoe bite, dirty toe nails and marks on your feet that look simply ugly. We show you simple tips to care for your pretty feet this rainy season.

Care for Your Feet This Monsoon
What Shoes To Wear
Store your heels and flip-flops safely into your shoe cupboard—now is the time for rain-friendly shoes. Go for plastic based ballerinas, as they cover your entire feet and offer protection from the muck. If you’re bold with your fashion choices, gum boots will be your best friend this season. Avoid high heels, socks, leather/suede shoes and canvas shoes, especially while commuting.

How To Avoid Infections
Humidity and muck on the roads are the major reasons for foot infections. But there are a few ways you can avoid fungal and bacterial attacks on your feet.
a. Dry Your Feet: As soon as you get out of the rain, wash your feet with regular water and dry them with a fresh towel.
b. Antiseptic: Use an antiseptic liquid to wash your feet at least twice a week. Ideally, you should use it every day.
c. Wash Your Shoes: The monsoon shoes tend to carry a considerable amount of germs, which infect your feet. Wash your shoes often and keep two pairs that you use alternately. Keep one pair for drying in the sun or in the open.
d. Use Powder And Moisturiser: Ensure that you moisturise your feet before sleeping and while wearing your shoes in the morning, powder them for extra dryness.

How To Make Them Look Pretty—Always
So you’ve got the nice shoes and taken all the preventive measures, but you still don’t have those plump, gorgeous looking feet. Here’s what you can try:
a. Get A Pedicure: Go for a pedicure at least once in a week. You might think it is pointless considering your feet will get dirty the minute you step out of the salon, but it will keep your feet free of dead cells and marks. A simple wash will get them back to how they were.
b. Paint Your Toes: Struggling to clean your toenails every morning? Paint them in a bright colours and nail art. This will make them look pretty, even on a busy day.
c. Try DIY Foot Masks: Give your feet some much-needed TLC with this home-made mask for the feet:
- You need: 1/2tsp oatmeal, 1/2tbsp cornmeal, 1/2tbsp sea salt (available at local stores), and body lotion to create a paste.
- Mix all the ingredients and form a paste-like consistency. Apply on your feet immediately and gently massage. Wash with warm water.

Hope these suggestions help your feet be happy this monsoon. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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