4 DIY Hand Accessories You’ll Fall In Love With

We know how much you love your hands and how much time you spend taking care of them. But sometimes all the creams and manicures are just not enough; so we’ve brought these beautiful DIY hand accessories to add a touch of class to your hands. Glam up your look by adding these easy-to-make bracelets and rings to your daily attire.

1) The Hand-Chain-Ring Bracelet
There’s no need to run to a store to buy a matching ring for your bracelet. Here’s a simple yet classy hand-chain-ring-bracelet that you can create yourself. Just follow the directions.

DIY Hand Accessories - Hand chain ring bracelet

What you will need:

  1. gold chain
    Five gold loops
    A gold lobster clasp

How to do it:

  • Cover the chain around your middle finger and measure the length. Keep enough room for the ring to pass through your finger.
  • Once you’ve decided on the length, cut the chain with the help of the pliers and add a ring to its end to help it form a loop with the other end.
  • Now, to form your bracelet, repeat the above step for measurement of your wrist and cut the chain. Add a ring to one end of the chain and add the lobster clasp to the other.
  • Use the pilers to cut the bracelet into two equal parts, and attach a ring to join the two.
  • Lastly, to connect the ring and the bracelet, measure the length between your finger and the wrist and cut a chain to attach the two parts.

Very stylish, eh?

2) Knot-and-Chain-Bracelet
We know you have jewellery perfect with every outfit of yours. But what if you got one that went with all your dresses, tops, even kurtis? Yes! This one’s an all rounder. Take a look.

DIY Hand Accessories - Knot and Chain Bracelet

What you will need:

  1. One gold chain
  2. Metallic wire
  3. One gold loop
  4. One gold lobster clasp
  5. Pliers

How to do it:

  • Measure the length of your wrist and cut the chain; keep some extra space depending on the number of knots you want in your bracelet.
  • Tie the knots and block them with small pieces of the metallic wire.
  • Now cut the chain into four ropes of about 4cm and put them together into a jumpring WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?.
  • Connect these ropes to the end of the bracelet.

And it’s done! It even helped us save some money.

3) Gold Hinge and Chain Bracelet
Want to flaunt a funky bracelet when out with your girlfriends? Scroll down to learn how to make it yourself.


DIY Hand Accessories - Chain Bracelet

What you will need:

  1. One gold chain
  2. One gold hinge
  3. Five gold loops
  4. One gold lobster clasp
  5. Pliers

How to do it:

  • Measure only the sides of your wrist and cut the chain into four small ropes.
  • Attach each of the ropes to the gold hinge as shown in the picture with the help of the loop.
  • Now, using the loop, attach the two ropes on each side of the hinge.
  • Finish it by using a clasp to join the ropes together.

4) Gold Leaf Ring

We’re sure you’ve never worn an accessory as light as this before. Read on to know what we’re talking about.

DIY Hand Accessories - gold leaf ring

What you will need:

  1. One sheet of imitation gold leaf
  2. Non-toxic liquid adhesive
  3. Foam brush
  4. Tape

How to do it:

  • First, cut the gold leaf into HOW MANY? stripes of half inch each.
  • Cover the area around the ring on your skin with a tape.
  • Now apply the liquid adhesive using a foam brush on your finger until it gets tacky WHAT???.
  • Take the gold strip and press it against the area where you’ve applied the adhesive, giving slight pressure. Repeat this until the entire area is covered with gold.
  • Remove the tape and use your finger to clean any loose flakes.
  • The gold ring should stay for almost eight to 10 hours. However, you can use an adhesive remover or rub alcohol over the area if you want to take it out.

Now, that is a unique piece, isn’t it? Show us how sumptuous your hands look with these accessories.

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