GET LOST: Bali, Indonesia

When you think of Bali, you think about those credit card bills that won’t disappear. Guess what, if you have any sort of spontaneity in your spine and a decent limit on that Amex you can reach Bali on a dirt cheap ticket (Approx 23,000). With a visa-on-arrival option and airlines battling for customers, these deals won’t last forever. A return ticket on Malaysian Airlines is valid till the first week of April giving you enough time to swoop in on this fabulous offer.

With Bali offering so much, it’s paradise for every type of traveller. Enjoy our list!

Arts & Culture:  With exquisite woodcarvings, pottery and textile skills, Bali will leave your jaws gaping in awe at the intricacies of their arts & crafts. Be it workshops, shopping and learning about the heritage of their Hindu dominant culture, you can gain a lot of knowledge about their roots through their workmanship and style of labour.

Bali Handicrafts - Arts and Crafts

Beaches: The first thing that comes to your mind when you say Bali is a beach. With no shortage of these beautiful stretches of sand, you can have a pretty hard time deciding where you’d like to get your tan on. Some beaches are more crowded than others, if you want the buzz and hype, hit up Kuta, Seminyak or Legian which is scattered with bars, restaurants and hotels. If you’ve got the adventurous bug in you, try some of the secret hidden beaches.  

Beaches in Bali

Food:  Balinese cuisine is very rich in flavour and texture, with a multitude of options ranging from cheap street eats to fine dine restaurants, every palate and budget is kept in mind. With new dining concept restaurants like Mama San and Petitenget you can experiment with your taste-buds or head to the tried and tested Ku De Ta or Potato Head, stalwarts of the chow scene in Bali.

Bali Cuisine and Food

Nightlife: If you are a night owl and enjoy your post dinner tipple, you’re going to have a blast in Bali. With a solid nightlife circuit, you can dance till the wee hours of the morning at the numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs. Again the main areas are at Kuta, Seminyak and Legian because a majority of the establishments are set up there such as District Bali and the Hard Rock Café.

Bali Nightlife

Shopping:  Good bargainers can rejoice, the street shopping has such a strong influence from its arts and craft culture that you will get such skilled work at rock bottom prices if you can weave your way through the shrewd local shop owners. The Densepar area is littered with markets and likewise with Kuta, the commercial hub of Bali.

Bali Street Shopping

Stay:  A good nights rest is an integral part of the rejuvenation that you desire. Finding a bed to sleep in will never be a problem here. With so many beaches and geographical sides to the island you need to decipher where you’d like to spend most of your time, doing activities and what works best for your wallet. You can hop from trendy hotel chains in Kuta to obscure Villas nestled between hidden beaches. Bali is known for its hospitality so even family run B&B’s aren’t a bad idea, the service will be outstanding.

Bali Resorts

Diving: The marine life in Bali is worth taking a look at if you’re a water baby. Diving and snorkeling are a perfect choice with over 2500 species of marine life and a plethora of corals and invertebrates to experience.

Diving and Snorkelling - Bali


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