Get Lost: Fagu (A Himachali Secret Revealed!)

There are two types of places people love going to on a vacation—the beaches and the hills. But with the mercury rising to unbearable, sweltering levels, we were pretty much left with just one option. We decided to take the road less travelled and head to a hitherto unknown destination where we would be away from the crowds. One Google search and some reviews later, we knew exactly where we wanted to go.

Fagu is a tiny village that rests astride a mountain saddle. Away from the concrete jungle that Shimla has become, this quaint little town is about an hour ahead. Below are some memories we got back from this breathtakingly beautiful place.


Fagu is a Himalayan hamlet that lies in the beginning of the Hindustan Tibet Road, which goes up to the Tibet border in the Kinnaur region. It is one of the most secluded snowy retreats in the state and exhibits the real charm of Himachal—views of snow-clad mountains, apple orchards and Asia’s second-largest cedar forest in the vicinity.

Fagu snow

This is the one of the highest points in the area and therefore offers a rare range of views that embrace both its northern and southern valleys and the snow-clad peaks of the Great Himalayas.

sunset in Fagu

In the open patches, the valleys hold tiny hamlets, orchards and neatly terraced fields. The location of our homestay, Northmoon, on a steppe along the slope, made it even more charming to lie idly on a chair and stare at the endless waves of mountains up ahead.

northmoon view
The view at night is even better as you stand under the stars savouring the silence, the chilly winds and the beautiful clear sky that forms a magnificent starry canopy. There are little patches of light blinking like festive lighting on the slopes, marking the presence of small towns or villages.

fagu trekking
Fagu is home to a few getaway resorts and is excellent for walking, trekking and relaxed getaways. It forms an excellent base for trekkers, botanists and naturists, who come to explore the beautiful Himachali countryside. The mountain ranges and deep valleys are dotted with apple orchards and flower fields with blooms between May and October.

fagu trails
Being a sparsely populated region, with natural beauty in abundance, Fagu is heavenly. There is limited accommodation and if you plan for an overnight stay, you should make bookings in advance. Options vary from Himachal Tourism government hotels to homestays.

fagu hill station holiday

Before You Book: Fagu

Fagu is 22km from Shimla and 392km from Delhi. If you’re travelling by road, you can take the NH 1 from New Delhi. Be prepared for a seven- to eight-hour drive. You can now avoid the congested Kalka and Pinjore towns to save at least an hour on your road trip by taking the Himalayan Express bypass.
Shimla is the closest train station and the nearest airport is at Jubbar-Hatti, 45km from Fagu.

We’d recommend this homestay run by Mrs and Mr Sharma. Its rooms are well-maintained, clean, and spacious. Wood panelled and carpeted for warmth, the rooms are open from three sides with big windows that offer spectacular views of the majestic Himalayas. Guests will be served authentic Pahari food prepared by Mrs Sharma.

Hotel Peach Blossom
This hotel run by Himachal Tourism offers spectacular mountain views.

This is an interesting new concept started by the Himachal Tourism. Villages close to important tourist spots offer small houses for a family to stay. The price is really low and the overall experience is worth a try.

Treks, Tours and Sightseeing
Depending on the season you visit, your hotel or homestay can help arrange for trekking trails and hikes. The village of Fagu is sparsely populated. Apart from a couple of small temples, there aren’t many touristy places. Fagu’s magic lies in its mesmerising beauty—its magnificent mountains, pristine orchards, trekking tracks and vast forests. It is a perfect place for nature lovers and a must-visit for those fond of scenic beauty.

Fagu is an all-year-round destination. Go in winter if the sight of snow and snowfall makes you happy and summer to enjoy the pleasant weather and majestic views.

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