Get Lost: Lakshadweep Through A Traveller’s Lens

Meaning one hundred thousand islands in Sanskrit, Lakshadweep is India’s smallest union territory spread over 32sq km of land across 36 islands and surrounded by 4,200sq km of lagoon rich in marine wealth. With blue lagoons, crystal-clear waters, infinite corals across three reefs and some truly great aquatic life, it is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. Want to see just how beautiful? Scroll below.

Kalpeni island corals

Corals off Kalpeni Island: In 1847, accumulation of coral debris occurred due to violent storms on this island. Kalpeni, along with the two small islets of Tilakkam and Pitti and the uninhabited island of Cheriyam, forms a single atoll.

scuba diving lakshadweep

Scuba diving: You can witness Lakshadweep’s famed marine life by scuba diving, snorkelling or navigating in glass-bottomed boats. You’ll see sea creatures such as flying fish, sharks, bonitos, snappers, manta rays, octopuses, crabs and turtles here.

kayaking lakshadweep

Kayaking: You can partake in activities such as rafting, kayaking and canoeing on the Lakshadweep islands. Here, I went kayaking in the crisp, transparent waters of Minicoy Island.

koya woman lakshadweep

Culture: A woman from the indigenous Koya community on Kalpeni Island. Koyan women wear this eye-catching necklace called Urukku. I got one back for myself and the compliments just don’t seem to stop. :-)

ornamental fishing lakshadweep

Ornamental fishing: Lakshadweep’s has a number of small and colourful boats to transport you to and fro from Kochi and other islands. These boats are also used for pole, line and deep-sea fishing.

sperm whale skeleton kavaratti island

A sperm whale skeleton at Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium: This toothed carnivore whale grows to a length of 20m and weighs about 40 tonnes. This one was found stranded on the reef of Kadamant Island on 20 April 1988. The Kavaratti aquarium’s other attractions include a shark brought in from Parali Island, splendid-looking corals, sea cucumbers, sea anemones and various fishes preserved in glass jars.

hermit crab parali island lakshdweep

A hermit crab on Parali Island: I chased thousands of gorgeous hermit crabs on the uninhabited Parali Island as they came from the ocean to their nests.

Before You Book: Lakshadweep
Since it is a restricted area, you will need a permit to enter the Lakshadweep islands. However, these can be easily arranged by tour operators to the area. Since formalities keep changing on a regular basis, we’d suggest you visit the official Lakshadweep Tourism website and SPORTS for details on how to get there, where to stay and what to do.

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