Get Ready To LIV It Up

LIV is set to launch. This new nightclub in the hub of Mumbai’s commercial confusion is set to put a notch into Mumbai’s party circuit with its signature style and elite invite-only guest list.

The LED lights on the ceiling dance in synchronisation with the hip-hop and electronic music; an international trend which few places in India have managed to replicate. The signature cocktails are a spin from the owners themselves, named after each of the four owners are the drinks Aneeni, Crackling Shash, Sunny All Night Long and Jageritz, while the LIV One is a secret house special.

Limited to a guest list of 25 years and above who can enter by invitation only, this nightclub looks to screen the crowd down to the best of the best.

The club is open to public from Wednesday to Saturday and can be reserved for private parties from Sunday till Tuesday.

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