Get Ready To Strut – Monday, 17th September


Always in a haste and don’t know what to wear to work every morning? You’re confused between two outfits for that big brunch this Sunday? Come Monday, 17th September, say good-bye to all those style queries with the launch of STRUT120.COM. This 2 MINUTE FASHION PROJECT will be your guide to effortless fashion. Log on and have fun discovering exciting ways to embrace your personal style and de-code trends with the help of your very own style sister. We got talking to Latha Sunadh, Editor of STRUT120 in an exclusive interview to understand better what being a STRUT GIRL is all about.


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With so many fashion websites and blogs appearing nowadays, what sets Strut 120 apart?

STRUT120 is not a blog; we’re a website that is about real fashion and real girls. After being exposed to fashion and beauty in the space, we’ve discovered that there is no comprehensive guide to style – one that includes affordable brands, interesting new fashion finds and fashionable unknown designers. This is a place where real girls -their style inspirations, their wardrobes and their fabulous lives are celebrated. We’re not looking at “price on request” kind of fashion, what we are looking at is fun, happy fashion which is affordable yet stylish, luxurious yet wearable, quirky yet unique. There’s something for every girl here – easy fashion, effortless style.


How do you plan on giving a fun fashion guide that will cater to every girl in just under 2 minutes?

 In today’s busy life, all we have is 2 MINUTES, communication must give you everything you need in those 2 MINUTES. That’s the idea we were playing with – so in 2 MINUTES, you get cool fashion styling ideas, beauty tips, celebrity style, quirky finds and easy DIYs, all in one place. What’s not to love?


What’s the drive behind your ideas and inspirations that help you think of unique trends and styling tips? 

The idea is simple – fashion is about girls like us. Those who wear a top from Mango carry a Mulberry bag and wear jewellery from Colaba Causeway – it’s a cute mix, a real picture. That’s the inspiration we are working with. Unique styling ideas and fashion trends are not defined by manuals and books; they are about how real women put their fashionable lives together. A scarf here, a brooch there and an ankle-boot here – that’s who we are, right?


Having worked at leading fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire, what’s the difference in putting forth such content in a magazine and on an online fashion-portal?  

Essentially, content will always be the same, it’s the medium of delivery that differs. Magazines have glossy pictures, interesting details and fun articles and while we try to follow the same, our method of delivery is quick and easy, all in 2 MINUTES. An online portal is a dynamic environment, it’s like a living, breathing organism where content is put up every day, every hour and that makes it more special.


What qualities make a Strut Girl?

The STRUT girl is someone who epitomizes beauty in quirky, style in everyday details and fun in fashion. She’s comfortable in her own skin, laid-back and effortlessly fashionable. She’s you and me, the girl who struts against the rules; she’s everything the world needs.


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