Rock That Backless Dress: 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne

Whether they’re on your face or back, we know you dislike those pimples and the marks they leave behind. Besides being painful, they’re definitely not what you need when you wear your backless choli or gown. So here’s all you need to know about back acne and how you can get rid of it.

Get Rid Of Body Acne

Body acne is similar to face acne, so if you’re prone to breakouts on your cheeks, nose or chin, you’ll probably have some on your back and legs, too. Your skin is prone to producing excess oil and may be even ingrowth of hair, and when mixed with sweat and dirt of the clothes pimples occur. Common areas include the back of your shoulders near your bra, on your back near the bra strap, and side of your thighs.

Here are a few ways in which you can get rid of your pesky body pimples.
1. If you’ve got acne on your back or legs, use your face wash on these areas and apply a tinge of toothpaste there for a few hours.
2. Your body skin is thicker than your face, so you can opt for specialised acne creams and lotions on the affected areas.
3. Exfoliate your back at a spa or at home and moisturise it. Preferably leave it open for a while after moisturising so that there is no contamination with dirt on clothes.
4. Use medicated pads and wipes when you notice the beginning of acne; this will help keep that area clean and will not get infected further.
5. Visit your doctor for a quick-fix for your body pimples.

6. One of the major causes of body acne are your gym clothes. Change out of them and bathe as soon as you are done working out, so you’re away from sweat and dirt. Also wash your clothes with detergent and a bit of antiseptic liquid on a daily basis.
7. Your mom was right; you need to change your bedsheets every day. Sheets and towels carry dead skin and oil from your body, and when mixed with dirt causes your skin to breakout. Wash them regularly and always use fresh napkins, towels and sheets.
8. Switch your regular soap with a mildly exfoliating body wash or medicated soap to keep your body clean and infection-free.
9. If you have an important event coming up, where you need to wear your backless or high-slit gown, detox your body and eat healthy two to three weeks prior to it. This will help your skin glow as well as keep breakouts away.
10. Visit a doctor if there is a sudden increase in your body acne or if you have painful pimples. This could be a sign of some internal infection.

Go on; flaunt your gorgeous and smooth back and legs with these tips. Do share with us if you have other tips.

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