Why You Have That Pimple On Your Face (And How To Get Rid Of It Stat!)

We’ve all been through that horrible moment when there’s a pimple on the face and you have a date with your crush—and it doesn’t stop when you’re going through puberty; it follows you to adulthood when it’s that time of the month. From one woman to another, here’s the science behind your acne and how you can get rid of it.

get rid of pimples

Why Does Acne Happen?

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? If you observe monkeys, gorillas and orangutans, they have a light oily layer over their skin. As descendants of apes, all of us also have a small amount of oil beneath our skin. This oil is called sebum.

Sebum is regulated with hormones, namely the oestrogen (you know that word, don’t you?). When you’re ovulating, your hormones help regulate this oil. But there’s a sudden drop when you get your period. The oil regulation goes haywire and creates small lumps in your skin that squirt minute drops of oil.

Combine the open pores of oil with pollution and dirt and what do you get? Hello, acne!

Pop It To Get Rid Of It?
No! The first rule of acne-care is that you must never, ever squeeze it. This will make the infection last longer and give your skin ugly marks that never go away.

get rid of pimples
Is There An Instant Solution?
There are several methods to get rid of that pesky pimple on your face. Check them out.

1. The simplest way to do this is by using silica gel. This gel sucks out all the water from your zit and makes it visibly smaller. You can buy this gel over the counter from a pharmacy or invest in the Garnier Pimple Pen (Rs 99), though we suggest you consult a doctor before trying a new product on your skin.

2. The toothpaste works a lot like silica gel, except it’s slower. Try applying for a few hours and see.

get rid of pimples - toothpaste

3. Regular cleansing and moisturising is the advice given by most dermatologists. Keep this in mind and you are sure to get rid of your zit in a few days.

4. Finally,  we come to the age-old trick—water. The more you drink, the happier your skin will be.

How to Deal With Them in the Long Run?

Remember, girls, that those were temporary solutions. For long-term protection, regulate your diet, change your skincare routine and improve your lifestyle. We know what you’re going to say—that doesn’t sound fun at all! Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

1. Your Excuse: You hate exercising.
The Loophole: Enroll yourself for a dance class, kickboxing and zumba—or simple take to the stairs. All this will result in the excess oil thrown out of your body. The bonus? You get leaner, fitter and stronger, too.

get rid of pimples - exercize water

2. Your Excuse: I forget to drink water.
The Loophole: This is the age of technology. Download the water app on your phone and keep sipping each time it rings. Keep a big bottle handy and aim to finish two to three of them in a day.

3. Your Excuse: I’m too busy (or lazy!) to follow skincare tips and routine.
The Loophole: Carry small, travel-sized bottles of a moisturiser, cleanser and face wash with you. While sitting in the train or cab to work, quickly apply a bit moisturiser to your face, and while returning home your can use the cleanser. You can wash your face during lunch hours at the office; it will not only clean the excess oil, but also refresh you.

get rid of pimples - diet

4. Your Excuse: I’m sick and tired of diet regimes.
The Loophole: Add a big, healthy bowl of salad to your daily meals. It will fill you up and leave little space for that extra vada pav you crave but don’t need.

We are sure you’re already taking notes and working towards a better skincare routine. Let us know if you have anything more to add.

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