Glam And Luxe Animal Within Party Dress Sold Out

Glam And Luxe Animal Within Party Dress

Brand: Glam and Luxe
Price: Rs. 1999
Are you ready for a wild night out, ladies? 'Cause it is going to be one in this animal printed dress! Snug and sexy, this sleeveless dress come with ruffles at one shoulder. The concealed zipper at the back make it very easy to step in (and out) of this look. Best when on a prowl, divas, you'll love this Friday evening look. Wear this with pumps and carry a chic clutch for your essentials. Did you know: The invention of the automobile had a significant influence on women's fashion. During late 18th century, skirts became shorter only to help women to step into automobiles conveniently.

Occasion Party
Look Glam
Print Animal