Global Desi Tribal Trance Top Sold Out

Global Desi Tribal Trance Top

Brand: Global Desi
Price: Rs. 1499
Trendy and chic, this top is all set to give you an instant makeover!! Featuring modish floral prints all over, the top's yoke comes with tribal prints to keep you runway hot. Comfy and soft, the sleeveless design of this top helps you stay at ease all day. Buy this top from Global Desi and get ready to set the bar of style for everyone around you!! Wear this with skinny jeans and summer thong sandals. Did you know: A person's social rank and profession in the Medieval Ages was represented by the colour of their clothing. The nobility wore red, peasants wore brown and grey, and merchants, bankers and gentry wore green.

Material Viscose
Pattern Printed