Go Crazy at A New Cuban Bar – Loca Loca

You can dream about sunbathing and sipping on exotic cocktails on an island beach with crystal clear waters in the Carribean, or you can head to a new Cuban themed bar in Khar called Loca Loca, for an almost similar experience. 
Started by Kishore D.F., the man behind WTF! and The Big Nasty, Loca Loca is a ‘crazy’ bar, literally due to the meaning of its name. 
Based on the concept of love, art, smiles and happy faces combined with cheerful music, the bar will take you down the free roads of Cuba and highlight its very bright and eccentric qualities. 
With two sections to its space, the alfresco area of the bar is emphasized with ancient scrap windows that have plants growing around it. High tables, tiny coffee tables with benches, hand painted wall art of Cuban buildings and threaded ceilings pretty much sums up what Loca Loca looks like from the outside.
The inside section gives a more colourful feel with a dirty wash effect all over the walls and a fun installation of Cuban hats and maracas (Cuban music rattles).
You will also find Cuban movie posters to compliment the theme.   
Of course, the drinks here need to be exotic. So they have fresh fruit cocktails called Cubanitos that come with mint, sugarcane sticks and lime wedges to punch the scorching Mumbai heat, along with classic drinks. The food menu is inspired by Cuban flavours and has signature dishes with an Indian twist like Mexican chaat, Cuban sandwiches, cocoa chicken and barbeque roast beef
Loca Loca is open every day from 7 pm till 1 am.
We plan to visit the bar soon, so stay tuned for a detailed review.
Note: The picture used is taken from Corbis Images for representational purposes only.
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