Save your Back and Knees: Go from Heels to Flat Shoes

Those Deepika-esque legs, delicate looking ankles, chic style and much more – we adore heels, period! But, along with gorgeous highs, come the sad lows of back aches, knee pains and sore feet. While you may not completely be able to ditch the stilettos or wedges, you may replace them for comfortable footwear every now and then. Whether at work, travelling, going dancing with friends or for a casual date, try avoiding heels and going short to save your body and money spent on medical bills.

We list a few flats that are oh-so-alluring and may replace your heels. Check them out.

Basic Black
Black pumps are our saviour, whether you wear it with an LBD or a quirky jacket. Now try these options instead of your booties and pumps. They are a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe as well as feet.

Heels to Flat Shoes

Studded Flats: Rs.1299, Black Ballets: Rs.1895

Beautiful Blue
Another option of black is blue, when you don’t want to go plain and yet stay chic. Trust us, when we say these flats will offer as much class as any other heels.

Heels to Flat ShoesStudded Ballerina: Rs.1299, Chalk Flats: Rs.999

Ravishing Red
Add a touch of red to any outfit and voila, you look fiery hot. However, you may always tone down the hotness with a flat shoe that offers comfort and simplicity.

Heels to Flat ShoesRed Bow Shoes: Rs.799, Red Sandals: Rs.799

Pleasing Pink
Almost every girl has a phase of collecting pink items. Well, you may not be stuck there, but a little bit of pink always did good right? Get these pinkalicious flats, now!

Heels to Flat ShoesPink Peep Toes: Rs.635, Pink Sandals: Rs.499

Marvellous Metallic
No wardrobe is complete without a touch of glam. Swap your metallic heels for these shiny flat shoes. You will thank us when at wedding parties and clubs.

Heels to Flat ShoesGold Ballets: Rs.1900, Gold Strappy Sandals: Rs.1699

Narcissistic Nudes
Celebrities love them, and we religiously wear them. Whether it is parties or evening dinners, nudes add a glamorous touch. Opt for a similar one in ballerinas and keep up your glam factor.

Heels to Flat ShoesNude Flats: Rs.1199

Would you pick a flat shoe or a heeled one? Tell us in the comment section.

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