Go Natural: 6 Ways to Look Stunning WITHOUT Any Makeup

We know you love your eyeliner and red pout, and you wouldn’t be caught dead stepping out the house without your trusty kajal stick. But do you know to turn heads without a shred of makeup on your face? We show you nine ways to look absolutely stunning without any makeup. And while you rock the au naturel look, your skin will get healthy, too.

Look Great Without Makeup

1. Plump Up Your Skin
Brace yourself, you have no foundation or concealer! No need to worry—you can get that natural healthy glow on your face by using moisturiser and sunscreen. One of the best hacks that celebs have is using a tinted moisturiser. It is light, easy on the skin and looks almost as good as a foundation. Instead of a concealer, use a tinge of anti-ageing cream to make the skin around your eyes look even.

2. Get Pink Lips
Tired of the same red pout? Ditch the lipstick and go natural. Use fresh berries and beetroot on your lips for a light reddish tinge. You can even use tinted lip balms that protect and look great.

3. Get Long Lashes
Ditch the mascara and get long lashes by applying oil and combing them every night. Use Vaseline and manually curl your lashes using your fingers with a spoon for creating the open eyes look. Click here for more information on lengthening your lashes.

4. Stock-Up On Nutrients And Water
No amount of makeup can fix bad skin. Eat healthy and exercise to make your skin internally healthy. Also, drink water, juices and milkshakes to hydrate your skin. Without the layer of foundation and blush, you’re seriously going to need this.

5. Detox Your Mind And Body
Your face reflects the state of your mind. Stay stress-free and positive, and it is sure to show on your face. Plus, you can rigorously exercise or run for about 45 to 60 minutes. The adrenaline rush will give your cheeks that light red glow, along with keeping you fit.

6. Other Hacks
When going without makeup, ensure that your hair is almost perfectly styled and left open. Wear statement accessories that take attention away from the flaws on your face.

Go ahead; get gorgeous without makeup. Drop us a line in the comments section if you have any more beauty hacks or if you want to share your makeup-free experience.

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Images courtesy: timetospa.com, wetpaint.com

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