Go Traditional With iTokri




Is your inner-self craving some folk jewellery from Madhya Pradesh? Or is your wardrobe calling out for ethnic dress materials from Bhuj? Or are you just interested in shopping for cool stuff to break free of those regular restrictive shackles? Then iTokri is your pied-à-terre.

iTokri is a web-shop that has been encouraging upcoming creativity from remote parts of India for quite some time now. They provide a platform for all those handicraft artisans who otherwise do not have the means to showcase their talent. They provide an online base for all those cloth and dress merchants who want to reach out to a much better audience. It is a website that promotes the fusion of the Indian and western lifestyle. iTokri celebrates collective creativity. They have a Hindi translated text for almost all the English they have used. This means that Indian moms are going to be happy now. iTokri also sells experimental cinema movies from anywhere and everywhere in India.

Earrings, necklaces, bags, stationery, clothes and much more is what they are all about. Celebrate the Indian in you.

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