Goan And Portuguese Food in Mumbai

Hoee hoee, we know why you want to live, eat, play, run and breathe Goa in every vacation you get. A handful of the scenic beauty + an ounce of the party scene + a breath of its fresh fashionable air + the lightness of being that your pocket feels even after you exploit it to buy maximum liquor possible. All this and more, and Goa is the place we run to, every long weekend we get. But what surely cannot be ignored is the delish, coconut flavoured (or not), piping hot, meaty food that is unique to this haven.
Now, after getting your culinary senses in a twist, what if we tell you that such bona fide Goan food is now served right here in Mumbai? Home based, Viva Goa promises to take you on a mouth-watering gastronomical journey. They serve regular Goan dishes on an everyday basis. But what they are most happy to introduce is the catering service that is already being enjoyed by some house parties, family gatherings and corporate socials.
Secret recipes that have withstood the test of time, coming in straight from Goa will have your mouth watering in no time at all. Some of the dishes that they serve are chicken xacuti, cafreal chicken, chicken guisadobeef asado, beef baffado, beef xacuti, pork vindalho, pork masala, prawns curry and beef or pork sausages in bread and more. You can also enjoy the meat boneless if you so wish to. The idea is to have a concise menu that will change every week.
Open on all days of the year, Viva Goa delivers bulk orders all across Mumbai. Bringing home the smell of Goa, a fun fact about them is that their ingredients for food and other things if any, are all sourced straight from Goa. Open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, you can get in touch with them by calling on 7588992277 or 9146112201.
Be prepared for a meal that will have you digging in with much relish.
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