Gourmet Company: Fine Food Delivered Home

We found it. All those gourmet ingredients featured in Kylie Kwong’s signature dishes that you couldn’t get hold of will now be delivered to your doorstep. So whether it’s classic Italian pasta or a duck and orange pate that your taste buds fancy tonight, find those ingredients at Gourmet Company.

The online store has put together more than 700 gourmet food items and beverages. Browse through their baking shelf to get flours, sugars, flavouring oils, cupcake liners, cookie cutters, or head out to their tea room for organic, black, green, iced and other speciality tea. If you prefer coffee, dive into their coffee barrel and get rare and exotic coffees apart from organic, ground and instant coffee.

The store also has ingredients used while preparing Thai, Lebanese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine, pastas, olives, Italian sauces, olive oils, jams and jellies, marmalade and a special corner for food items for kids that include cake and pancake mixes, granolas, cereal bars and biscuits. Don’t forget to check their Mixed Bag section that has delights like salmon and crab pates, jalapeno smokehouse almonds, instant soups and the best of all, a bottle of Tennessee style barbecue sauce made with Jack Daniels whisky.

Gourmet Company also features paraphernalia that stocks kitchen accessories from brands like Rosti, Mastrat and more. And if you have all the ingredients you want but don’t know what to do with it, check out their Blog where food blogger Saee Koranne gives recipes that range from egg-less crepes with beans to dips and appetizers.

Gourmet Company delivers across the country. It offers same day delivery in Mumbai and free delivery for orders above Rs. 500. Check their website here or call on 9769132333 to talk to their customer care.

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