7 Nutrients To Get The Long, Strong Hair You See In Shampoo Commercials

We know that you wish you had long and gorgeous locks like Sonam Kapoor or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan—but all you see is split-ends, hair fall and hair breakage. Now, you’re going to love us for this—we’ve done some digging and found a few nutrients that may help your hair grow longer and stronger. Check and see if your daily meal has these food items. After all, a healthy body means healthy hair.

Grow your Hair Healthy1. Fatty Acids: Walnuts, Flaxseeds And Avocado
Believe it or not, you tend to lose your hair along with your weight when you cut down completely on fat in your diet. Your hair and body need some amount of fatty acids to ensure smooth functioning. Your scalp can become dry and hair fall may increase because of this. We don’t mean you go on a dessert-eating spree, but make sure you add healthy food items like nuts to your meals to get the right amount of fat.

2. Collagen And Vitamin C: Citrus Fruits, Berries, Red And Yellow Peppers
The collagen or elasticity factor of your scalp starts to decline with age or due to prolonged illnesses and medication, and this results in vulnerable hair. Boost your Vitamin C intake, which in turn helps produce more collagen, and add citrus fruits and berries to your diet. If you don’t enjoy eating fruits, ensure all your salads and main course have a generous helping of red and yellow peppers.

3. Bioton And Vitamin B Complex: Nuts, Brown Rice, Oats And External Supplements
Biotin is part of a Vitamin B complex, which pushes hair growth and reduces hair fall. So if you’re bored of waiting for your hair to grow, it is time to stock up on nuts and other foods in your diet. Consult your doctor and get additional supplements, too.

4. Iron: Green Vegetables, Dried Fruits And Berries
Iron helps your blood absorb nutrients as well as ensures blood circulation and keeps you healthy. This in turn keeps your hair healthy. So don’t forget to have enough greens in your meals as well as dry fruits and berries.

5. Minerals: Nuts, Mangoes, Cucumber, Beans And Pumpkin Seeds
Minerals form a small but important part for our hair-growing process. The food items mentioned above ensure that you get your daily dose of minerals. Check with your physician if your body needs an extra dose of zinc or silica.

6. Vitamin E: Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Pine Nuts And Olives
While Vitamin B boosts hair growth and strength, Vitamin E prevents hair breakage and hair fall. It helps your body in producing natural keratin, which makes your hair healthy and shiny. Add foods like almonds, nuts, olives and sunflower seeds to your diet.

7. Protein: Paneer, Cheese, Curd And Pulses
Protein acts as a building block in your body. It helps keep your skim firm and muscles fit. For your scalp, it acts as a skin strengthening element, which reduces hair fall. Add milk and other dairy products along with dal and pulses in your diet if you are a vegetarian. Non-vegetarians can get protein from their daily dose of eggs and poultry.

We hope these tips keep your hair long and strong. Do let us know if you have something to share.

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