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Real women have curves (and men love them too). Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Kareena Kapoor are some of the most beautiful and admired celebs with curves. Women with hourglass figure are blessed – so girls if you have the curves, love them, embrace them; it’s the most desirable shape on the planet.

Ahh, before we move on to talk about ‘curvy women’, get this straight – ‘curvy’ is not a synonym for being fat. Curvy figure is a euphemism used for hourglass figure. Fat women are often mistakenly labelled curvy or you could say that the term ‘curvy’ is so blatantly misused by overweight women; but they’re just not the same. It’s one thing to be fat and totally another to be curvy. Curvy is about body shape and not weight. Of course this means that even a thin woman can be curvy.


The most important rule to styling when you’re curvy is accentuating your waistline as much as possible. It is your greatest asset. Once you’ve memorised this life-saving tip, now you’re ready to read on the following twelve style tips (are you listening woman with curves?):

1. Wear well-fitted clothes - a top that is too big will only make you look bigger and sloppier and clothes that are too tight will also make you look larger.

2. Show off your waist - Celebrate, accentuate and exaggerate that great waist. A small waist is considered the very symbol of sensuality, so don’t hesitate to show off your small waist. Drawing attention to your waist with a belt or a top with a fitted waist will accentuate this great asset.

3. Combining matching separates – If you wear separates (like a skirt or pants with top) then go for a monochromatic look, it will add illusion of height and you’d look slender. Dark colours work well as they’re often slimming. But you can experiment with colours also with clever styling and accessorizing.


4. Dress well inside - a well-fitted bra and shapewear will camouflage all your problem areas and is your wardrobe and confidence staple. If your bra does not fit properly, it can make you look terrible. Since most hourglass figures are well-endowed, a well-fitted bra is a must have for you. Remember foundation is important and you’d look only look as good as what lies underneath.

5. Boot cut jeans, pants with flared bottoms are for you - pants that fit properly will make you look slimmer, so don’t try to hide those curves with loose pants to jeans. Instead pick well-fitted pants with flared bottoms or in boot cut style. They will balance your generous bottom and make you look slimmer. Avoid bottoms that are tapered and get narrower towards your ankles as they can make your bottom look large. If you want to wear the skinny jeans trend, go for slim fit instead. They are not very tapered and yet slim enough. Team them with some high heels to add height that would slim you down.

6. The perfect jacket – a jacket is great way to up your look and layer. Your perfect jacket would be single breasted with a nipped-in waist to give the right balance to the bust and hips. Short fitted jackets also work well for curvy women as they will flatter your legs and waist.


7. Buy well-fitted sheaths - sheath dresses often come with a (deep) V-neckline. They usually have a defined waist and a figure-hugging silhouette and are often in a lightweight fabric such as silk or cotton. They flatter curvy figures and look great. Even wrap dresses go well with curvy figures.

8. Choose pencil or slightly A-line skirts - pencil skirts will show the ratio between your waist and hip measurement, giving you a sexy silhouette. Straight styles and certain A-line skirts could also be right for you, as long as they are fitted around the waist. Flared skirts are a complete no-no (they’d only make you look much more generous than you are).


9. Refuse to buy hipster skirts and trousers, look for high-waisted styles - Pants with big pockets are a no-no. Apart from this avoid ruffles and pleats as these will add bulk. Go for a streamlined shape to show off your slinky silhouette.

10. Shapewear - Never underestimate the impact of body-shaping lingerie. It can help you get the look you want, hold you up and in, camouflage your curve or enhance it and would hide all your bumps and lumps. Spanx makes some of the best shapewear (not easily available in India) but Marks and Spencer has some great shapewear you can pick from.

11. Avoid elasticized waistbands - they add bulk to your mid-section.

12. Wear V-neck or scoop necklines - These necklines slim the neck and chest and will lengthen your neck and make you appear smaller and slimmer. They will flatter your figure. Open shirt collars will also work wonders on hourglass women.

When it comes to accessorizing, steer clear from the areas you don’t want to focus. A statement earring would work way better than a statement necklace as it will draw attention to your face, which is where you’d want the attention to be. In the shoes department pumps, stilettos and well-pointed closed toe shoes would elongate your legs and make them look sleeker. Anything too chunky would only add to the bulk.

Avoid large prints since it make things look only bigger and sometimes a little sloppy. Also stay clear from anything that cuts your body in half like a short skirt with high boots, strappy shoes with dresses that will cut your length. Turtleneck and high necks may not flatter your curvy figure.

Don’t be scared of experimenting; just try to work your look around these rules. Don’t pay heed to the rules of not experimenting with colours or prints (they’re fun and add drama and attention to the look), just use your imagination about what would work well and what would not.

Accentuate your small waist, a cinched-in waist never fails to flatter. Pick A-line and straight silhouettes; tailored jackets, sheath and wrap dresses are your best friends; your neckline choice should gravitate towards boat, scoop and V-necks.

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