Guest Post: Small Accessories Make A Big Difference by Aanam C

Fashion expert and blogger, Aanam Chashmawala gives us some style tips on the importance of accessorizing and has put together 2 looks as well as a video to help us stay fashionable.

The nicest of clothes can be under-weighed because of accessories that don’t go with the look; and the simplest of clothes can look super glamorous with the right kind of bling. In the era of fashion there is today, it’s just as important, if not more, to focus in the way you wear your accessories. Be it  a bracelet you twist into an anklet, a neckpiece as a retro headband or a scarf you decide to throw across your bag – each style makes a statement and can make or break your outfit. Here are a three simple tips that will help you reinvent different looks with the same pieces:

-Add some colour: Breaking the monotony in a certain look can do wonders. In the look, I’ve tried to break the monochrome zone with a dash of neon.

Aanam adds dashes of neon to her monochrome style

Aanam adds dashes of neon to her monochrome style

Cinch up: Add a skinny or thick belt to straight cut or flared top. It gives shape and dimension to your total look as well accentuates your waist.
So here is a way for you to make your regular long shirts, or maybe even kurta-cuts look extremely chic, and something you can carry off to a day at work as well.

Aanam uses a belt to accessorize her look

-Learn to DIY: There are loads of ways you can re-invent your existing wardrobe. Give that old neckpiece a whole new look. You won’t just leave your friends gaping at you in awe but also wanting to try it out too. Be the trendsetter!
Watch this video to see how Aanam gives an old necklace a whole new look.

So ladies, next time you buy a pretty dress, make sure you have the perfect accessories to go with it!

Small accessories that can glam up your look in a big way

Small accessories that can glam up your look in a big way


For more style tips and fashion updates  by Aanam visit her fab blog

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