Guest Blogger: Striped Out by Gargi Salgaonkar

Stylista and blogger, Gargi Salgaonkar tells us more about the stripes trend and puts together a look for us using 2 different striped pieces.

The Trend spotters inform me that Stripes are going to be the ‘it’ trend for this year’s spring and summer.

And when black and white monochrome stripes manoeuvres to neon’s, chevrons, peplums with other equally fascinating spring/ summer trends, you can be a good solid fashionista in the making.

Believe it or not, stripes no longer mean donning a convict’s attire. Chose your pick, are you a chevron stripe or a nautical stripe? Stripes in neon’s or pastels?  Graphical or traditional?

Pastel Chevron Stripe Dress on

Nautical Strip Dress by Marc By Marc Jacobs

Nautical Strip Dress by Marc By Marc Jacobs

With so much of variety, I believe in going all out. Fun, peppy and bright colours are my go to mantra for choosing stripes. Don’t hesitate in picking vertical stripes to look lean, tall and elegant.

This is my version of Stripes with bright colours in a fun print. Coral + Mint Green is an eye-popping bright match; hence I decided to go with neutrals as far as accessories are concerned.

Enjoy the pictures

C’est fini,


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