Guest Speak: The Ideal Swimsuit To Flatter Your Persona

With warmer days approaching, we’re all set to stock up on our swimwear and beachwear. We had the experts at Live Your Sport tell us how to pick the perfect swimwear for your personality traits and your body type.

Choosing the perfect swimsuit is not just picking up a piece of clingy clothing to flaunt your assets and hide your flaws, but should rather gel well with your personality traits. Be that ‘wow’ mermaid with her flirtatious elegance or those freakish looks with loads of discomfort, it’s your sole choice of swimming costume that can make or break your pool experience. So, before you plunge onto any particular piece, first figure out your right personality trait and body type to discover the apt swimwear. Spade into the selection standards and steal one that suits your sensibility.

Personality Types

EctomorphsPERSONALITY TRAIT 1: Ectomorph (TYPE A)
Being the most energetic, extrovert and happiest of the lot, the ectomorphs are the luckiest ones in terms of their BMI (Body Mass Index). As, because of their fast metabolism, they find it hard to gain weight. No matter what their diet counts to, they manage to stay slim and resist fat easily. As they’re naturally classic ‘hard gainers’, they effortlessly manage their small delicate frame and bone structure. Despite all the boons, their bane calls for a less appealing physique with a flat chest, small shoulders, lean muscle mass and fragile and skinny frame, which reduces their oomph factor!
If you fit into this trait, you’re lucky enough to have your chances of looking obscene being zeroed, no matter which swimwear you go for. But your intelligent swimwear choice could definitely add that cool quotient to your personality!

  • Tankinis would look great on you if you’re a true ectomorph as they tend to create the impact of broad shoulders which would best compliment your slim waistline, thereby providing an optical illusion of an ‘hourglass’ figure.
  • All the two-piece bikinis with halter necks or off-shoulder ones and skimpy cuts too, would look wow on ectomorphs as they have minimal flab to conceal.
  • Since ectomorphs have flat and straight bodies, they fall under streamlined shape and are considered great swimmers. This structure referred as ‘banana’ shape calls for proper contouring to look good. So, go for padded swimsuits or ruffles and shirred panels over bust and hips.
  • Ectomorphs being too talkative and extroverts, fall into a bit louder side, so must avoid over-the-top prints and overdose of colors. Rather, stick to sombre and subtle hues or go for pastels.

Mesomorphic women possess an almost perfect strong body with an hourglass figure and an athletic build. Despite having well-defined muscles, they tend to gain fat easily, though the chances are lesser than the endomorphs. Mesomorphs are versatile, soft-spoken and balanced people with attractive personalities.
If you fit into this trait, you have a wide array of swimwear to choose from, that’ll not only flatter your body type but also compliment your personality.

  • MesomorphsMesomorphs being the proud owners of the near-perfect hourglass figure, most of the revealing two-piece bikinis would look great on them. However, if you fall at the heavier side, avoid the ones which are too skimpy and clingy. Or else, it won’t help you manage your sagging and flexing.
  • Mesomorphs could fairly flaunt those backless one-piece swimsuits as well. Since mesomorphs have good muscle mass, they possess flawless ‘V’ shaped backs which are worth swaggering around.
  • Because of their balanced and pleasing personalities, almost all styles of swimwear work for them. If you’re a typical mesomorph girl with an absolutely perfect body and enchanting persona, you can follow those celebs for their great choices of swimwear or else, be selective according to your mood swings. If feeling low, opt for those bright and vibrant ones or the vice versa. You can even opt for solid black swimwear for the effect of slender and svelte figure.

Endomorphic personalities have soft and round physiques that tend to gain fat quite easily. They are generally short with a stocky build, so it’s tough for them to lose weight. Because of their slow metabolism their body fat gets accumulated at certain points, thus their muscles aren’t well defined.
If you fit into this trait, you need to work hard for the right choice of your swimwear, but worry not. We’ve sorted it out for you!

  • EndomorphsOpt for voluminous one-pieces that cover your thighs and heavy upper arms. And if you’re a busty girl, avoid high-necks as well as plunging necklines, but rather pick moderate ones.
  • Since endomorphs are voluptuous and short, vertical stripes should be preferred in swimwear to create that elongated look with the impact of slimmer and taller torso.
  • Since they have ‘apple’ or ‘pear’ shaped bodies, they’re mostly top heavy with broad waistlines. To look slimmer, pick a swimsuit with black triangular panels at the sides that will create the impact of a slender waistline.
  • Being shy and introverted, Endomorphs should go for small floral prints in vibrant hues to revamp and refresh their moods, so that they could come out of their shell and feel good about themselves. Or, if you prefer solid colors, avoid black. Rather, choose chest-nut browns or oxblood reds with camouflaging patches in black.

And voila! An appropriate swimming costume suitable to your persona could not only allow you to gain compliments in your water activities but shall also enhance your feel good factor! Watch out!

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