Guide to a Pocket-Friendly Yet Cheerful Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we can almost smell the excitement in the air. The scrumptious cakes, fresh additions to the wardrobe, family gatherings, gifts, and so much more to lift your spirits. Also, don’t forget the de-tangling of last year’s lights and ribbons, tree selection, buying matching linen, and all of this on a tight budget in a small house. Do not panic, we have created a guide to having a pocket friendly yet cheerful Christmas.

Christmas Guide

Christmas Guide

Keeping in mind the huge inflation and small apartment size, we have complied DIY ideas that will revamp your homes.

The Buzz over Themes

Sports Christmas Theme

Sports Christmas Theme

The first step to turning your home into a cosy vacation crib is by keeping one central theme. This will also help you pick out decoration items, colour schemes and ornaments easily.

Opt for an eco-friendly theme. Along with saving the environment you will also be saving a ton of moolah spent on buying décor items. You may even keep the same theme for gifts, food and games.

Who said Christmas has to be red and green? Are you a sports fan? Go for an all blue theme in memory of Sachin’s career or a yellow and red for the Barcelona Football Club.

If your toddler is a Spiderman fan, try a unique superhero Santa theme that will put a wide grin on his or her face.

Delightful Décor

Once you have decided on a singular scheme for the house it is time to open up those Christmas cartons from last year. The sheer amount of items may put you in frenzy, but do not worry. Start with the living room, which is the heart of action. Follow the colour scheme and plan each corner.

Walls: Get the stack of your old Christmas cards and use them to decorate your plain walls or hide the cracks and withering paint. You may even take up crumpled wrapping paper to add design and colour to your walls.

Cards on the Wall

Cards on the Wall

Dining Tables: Set the table Christmas style by crafting wrapping paper and pieces of colourful cloths as decorative accessories to your eating area, you may even laminate old cards and use them as table mats. Use the same idea for side tables.

Ceiling: Give a twist to your old school lanterns by painting them quirky or adding crumpled, coloured papers to it. You may even create small ornaments from old newspaper and glitter.

Doors and windows: Make a simple lace wreath and dry leaves with cherry red lights and your door will warmly welcome the celebrations to come. Add a cheer to your windows too by dyeing old socks and hanging them with Santa caps on the window.

Kitchen: Cookies, cakes and knick-knacks will be constantly served from the kitchen; hence your cooking area too needs to be in the holiday mood. Turn your refrigerator and washing machine into little snowmen. Stick the leftover decorations on the drawers and shelves to brighten up the task of cooking.

Rooms: You may not want to go over the top with the room decoration; hence it is ideal to bring celebration to little corners. For instance, you may use inverted wine glasses for candle stands and tangled lights in a jar for creating an ambience.

Books Christmas Tree

Books Christmas Tree

Tree with a Twist

Having a large and lavish tree may not be ideal for smaller homes. In addition, it may take up a lot of time, a resource scarce for professionals. This year bring a twist to your conventional tree decoration.

If your twitter bio states voracious reader, make a unique tree with cone arrangement of books. You may even try music CDs or vinyl if you are an audiophile.

At the dinner table you may have a tree made of chocolates, baked goods, cakes and even fruits.

Try sticking the murals or pictures of family and friends on the wall in the tree shape and add small trinkets of decorations to it. This is ideal for apartments that lack space for a large tree.

Follow these ideas and add your personal touch to make the upcoming holidays a long lasting memory.

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