Love The Gypsy Style? Here’s How You Can Get It In Your Wardrobe

The free-spirited way of living of gypsies have been the envy of many. Who wouldn’t want to live a carefree life, travelling around the world in a caravan? Their attitude is all about celebrating life and it translates into their fashion, which features long, flowing silhouette patterns, glimmer and bright colours. Here are 10 essentials that will help you incorporate the gypsy look in your wardrobe. 1. Long Skirt Gypsies prefer loose-fitting garments. Choose a maxi skirt in bold prints, bright colours and different cuts.

gypsy styleL-R: Printedblue & black maxi skirts.

2. Feminine Tops Step away from the usual peasant tops and opt for something trendy like a crop or a crochet top.

gypsy style L-R: Black Polka Dotted, White Off Shoulder & Grey Crochet Tops

3. Headgear Gypsies often tie scarves around their heads. However, there are so many other options to choose from such as a turban band, a floral bandana or even a piece of metallic necklace that can be attached to your hair like an accessory.

gypsy styleL-R: Black Leather Turban, Multi-colour Printed & Tan head accessories

 4. Scarves No gypsy look can be complete without a scarf. Opt for vibrant prints or tie a scarf around your waist to give your look a more boho feel.

gypsy styleL-R: Cobalt Blue Mix, Print Me Pretty & Pink Paisley Scarves

5. Boots Boots are sexy and add glamour to the gypsy style. However, if like us, you live in a warm city and would look funny sweating it out in boots, you can opt for sandals with some glitter or metal work on them.

gypsy styleL-R: Wild berry ankle , Black high rise & Camel boots

6. Belts From chunky to studded, belts are a necessity for a gypsy look. Wear two thin belts together to make the style your own.

gypsy style L-R: Cut Out Brown, Buckle Up &  Frills Black  Belts

 7. Lots Of Chunky Jewellery Gypsy style is all about accessories. Here, you have the freedom of layering chunky accessories and mixing things up, trying different textures and colours. They don’t even have to match.

gypsy styleL-R: Earrings, Choker & Bangles

8. Maxi Dresses On a hot day, a maxi dress is way more convenient than a two-piece. Add a few accessories and a scarf and your mystic attire is ready.

gypsy styleL-R: Multi coloured tube, Printed on black & White maxi dresses

9. Vests Add a trendy touch and combine all the other elements of the outfit together with a colourful and feminine vest. You can even try an ethnic print.

gypsy style
L-R: Pastel, Blue Checked & Warli Printed Vests

10. Jhola Bag A bag is the ultimate essential for your travelling nomad look to be complete. Where else are you going to store your crystal ball? Try bags with ebellishments and embroidered prints to ‘gypsify’ your ensemble.

gypsy styleL-R: Multi-coloured Pom Pom Potli, Blue and Green Potli & Cotton Jhola Bags

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