Monsoon’s Around The Corner: Here’s How You Can Keep Your Hair Looking Its Best

How much ever we may love the monsoon season, it does lead to many hair woes thanks to acid rain, dirty rainwater and high levels of humidity. We help you manage your locks and beat the drizzle. Look your best by keeping in mind these few steps the next time you’re out getting drenched.

Hair and rain

Keep Your Hair Clean
Getting drenched in the rain may have a childlike fun charm to it, but we don’t realise the repercussions it has on our tresses. It’s best to wash your hair immediately after getting wet to get rid of toxins, bacteria and polluting factors from the atmosphere that the rain water brings with it. To avoid scalp infections, dandruff, lice and hairfall, make sure to cleanse your hair regularly but not every day.

Do Not Wash Daily
We know how good a warm bath feels after a long day in the pouring rain. However, it’s important to not wash your hair everyday as it can lead to weakening and hair breakage. Instead, wash your hail 3 times a week to keep it clean and healthy. If you’re in the habit of washing your hair daily, please stop as it will only amplify the problems you face during the rains.

Don’t Forget to Condition
With the monsoons here, we all know how the elevated levels of humidity in the air cause our hair to frizz up uncontrollably.  The humidity causes drying of the hair leading to course, roughness. Do your mane a favour and condition with every wash to keep the frizziness at bay. You can even try a leave-in conditioner on dry hair to make it more manageable.

Keep It Dry
The moisture in the air during the monsoons leads to breeding of bacteria. It’s essential to keep your hair dry to avoid scalp infections and hair breakage. When your hair is wet, especially if it’s long, you should use a dryer on the lowest setting or towel dry to be safe.

Avoid Excessive Products
Too many styling products in your hair can lead to a mess when you get wet in the rain and cause product build-up, adding to dirt in your hair. Chemical-based products lead to greasiness and stickiness when you get wet. Try an anti-frizz leave-in conditioner to tame your hair and that’s all you need.

Hairstyles To Try
Don’t fret if you can’t get your hair to behave on a wet day. Try these simple hairstyles to look chic on a bad hair day.
Side Pony: Wear your hair in a low pony on either side. Finish it off with a cute hairband for a super-easy style that looks cute.
Messy Buns: Make the most of your unruly locks in the rain by piling up your hair into a messy updo. Use a few pins to put it up and let a few tendrils fall free for a messy yet sexy style.
Loose Waves: Embrace the natural curls and bumps your hair forms thanks to excess moisture in the air. Make the most of it and strut your style with confidence.
Accessorise: Make a fashion statement by covering up a bad hair day simply by throwing on a funky hairband, colourful scarf or a cool hat for a bohemian touch.

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