10 Hairstyle Hacks For Terrific Tresses

We’re sure you spend hours taming your tresses into perfection. What if we tell you that we’ve got some secrets to tell you that will cut short your primping time by half? Yeah, we bring you hairstyle hacks for terrific tresses. These really are a blessing in disguise when it comes to hair care. Listing down a few hairstyling truths and certain methods which guarantee a professional touch to create beautiful hair every time.


1. For long lasting waves, curl your hair from the middle and not the ends of your hair. This way your curls will last longer.

2. Get gorgeous side swept bangs by using a flat iron and a flat brush. Take a middle section using the flat iron and a little bit of back combing would help in getting a bounce.

3. Did you ever want a longer and fuller ponytail even if you’ve got medium length hair? This is just what you can do to fake a long ponytail. Take a half section of your hair and tie it high up, tie the rest of your hair slightly lower. Adjust it and there, you get a long pony in a minute. Genius eh?

4. Your hair is poker straight and so smooth that bobby pins always slip down? Do this to keep it in place. You can make them stay in place and keep your style in tact by simply spraying some hair spray on the bobby pins before using them.

5. The simplest way to get casually chic boho curls is to stretch out the ends of your hair after curling it.


6. The right way to wear bobby pins is the flat end first and the wavy end at the bottom. I bet you didn’t know this!

7. If you have poker straight hair use aluminum foil and a flat iron to create curls that last longer. Take a section of your hair, fold it using an aluminum foil and press the flat iron on it.

8. To achieve a wavy texture on your hair, take sections and braid it. Then slide a flat iron on the braids, open them and you’ve got a wavy beachy look in minutes.

9. Never rub your hair after shampooing, rather press it to remove excess water to avoid frizzy hair.

10. Want va-va-voom hair? Sleep with your hair tied up in a high loose bun. When you open the bun the next morning, your locks will be full of texture and bounce.

Apply these easy tricks and avoid ever running late again! You can also try these quick hairstyles for busy mornings.

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