Indulge in Laziness: 6 Hairstyles for Unwashed, Messy Hair

You thought you’d wake up in five minutes, but the next thing you know it’s been an hour and you’re running to work with breakfast in your hand. Now, amid all this activity, washing your hair, applying serum and styling them seems like a task, doesn’t it? So what if we were to tell you your hair can look super stylish without going through all the effort? Here are some quick and easy-to-do hairstyles that you can create even if your hair is unwashed or messy.

1. Messy Hair Bun
Messy hair is the best friend of unwashed hair. Tie it in a bun with a rubber band and secure with pins. Voila, you’re done for the day!

Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair 2. Sleek Ballerina Bun
Dealing with greasy hair? Try this sleek bun—it is simple, manageable and looks pretty. Comb your hair flat to the side and tie a neat bun with rubber bands. If you have frizzy hair or fly away strands use a tinge of serum or oil with pins to secure them in place.

Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair 3. Sleek+Messy Ponytail
Tame your bed-head look with this style. Comb your hair to get a sleek ponytail and let the ends be messy.

Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair 4. Braidytail
Create a new look by pairing a ponytail and a braid. We love this fishtail style that you can even do at the office. Check out other styles here.

5. Hairband Bouffant
Get out your hairband and try the Blair Waldorf look with this simple tutorial. Ensure that you pick the right kind of hair accessories for this one.

6. Ribbon Braid
If your commute is rather long, try this style. Pick a scarf or a ribbon from home and tie it on your way to work. Effortlessly cool hairstyle: done!

We’re sure this will save you time during the morning routine and help you look pretty as always.

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